“Your Batteries are Low”

I was privileged to sit with some fine members of my church family at this past Sunday afternoon’s “Ice Cream Social.” The ice cream was good, the crowd was awesome and the conversation gave me a humorous idea about Dr. Willard’s book on Hearing God.

This sweet lady [we will call her Cathryn in an effort to protect the innocent] recounted a story of a friend who has recently gone through a tragedy. She lost her son to death.

You might think, how is this humorous?

Just wait.

You might think how does this relate to Hearing God?

It will.

The whole episode of the death of a son was traumatic as you can imagine and for two weeks, the family was struggling with the death. There was no glimmer of hope in their lives. Grief hung over everyone.

A pot of flowers lingered on from the funeral and their freshness was a reminder of the funeral. Other flowers were discarded as they wilted but these hung on. Their existence served as a sad reminder so an elderly family member decided that he could find a use for them. He would take them and sprinkle them on the son’s grave. They were not to be wasted but at least they would be out of sight.

The man went to the cemetery and took the flowers. It was a lonely experience; he was at the grave with the dearly departed and no other person around at all.

He began dispersing the flowers and as he did, he heard a voice.

“Your batteries are low.”

Needless to say, he was unnerved at this voice as it seemed to come from nowhere. Was it a word from God? What did it mean?

“Your batteries are low.” It happened again!

Thinking miracle, he left the cemetery and returned home to tell of the voice to his family. Some of the more senior members of the family were convinced that God had spoken and they were in awe.

But what did God mean “Your batteries are low.”

Then a junior family member, much younger and more tech savvy said to the rest of the family, that today’s hearing aids talk to you and they tell you that “Your batteries are low.”

Well I guess that took the punch out of God’s message but something else happened.

The whole family laughed.

The first time in two weeks.

Maybe God did not send a message about batteries or some other profound advice about life but God did send a message about how it is important to continue on after death. God does not want us to discontinue our role here on earth because one person has left us and gone to heaven. He wants us to carry on.

God gave this family what it needed…a moment to laugh together.

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