Opening the Door

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the Holy Spirit as a candle.

As I finished the post, I felt an urge to check out a couple of pages I referenced in a book my Sunday School class is reading, pages 36 and 37 of Mark Batterson’s book, The Grave Robber.

I don’t mean to cause frustration in the reader of this blog because we are supposed to be concentrating on Dr. Willard’s book Hearing God but Pastor Batterson’s comments fit in so well here.

In everyone’s life, there is one moment in childhood “when the door opens and lets the future in.”

For me it was 7th grade at Tolu Elementary School.

The teacher was Annabelle Sherer. We had Miss Annabelle all day and she taught a wide range of 7th grade subjects, ranging from math to history, geography to reading.  She was [in my memory] a very intelligent woman.  Everyone has a specialty and for me, her specialty was English.

I liked school. For me it was a special place, a place where I felt comfortable.  I liked books.  I liked learning new stuff.  I felt confident there.  It was not a waste of time for me to go to school.  Some of my friends viewed school as prison but for me it was the opposite.  It was the pathway to the world.

But I had been introduced to English grammar around third grade and it was not “clicking.” What I mean is it did not make sense to me.  I could read and I could write but I felt insecure because I did not understand the way English worked.  The “rules” were a mystery until I learned from Miss Sherer.

Slowly over time, her explanations began to make sense. I could see gerunds, participial phrases and infinitive.  More than that, I could write them and I started sprinkling them into sentences at will.  I began to understand how the main part of the sentence has to be the subject and verb that [as she described them] “can stand alone.”  Back in those days, we learned a skill that is long gone in teaching circles.  We learned to diagram sentences.  I got a kick out of diagramming sentences correctly, seeing how all the parts work together to make a “complete” sentence.  Then I learned how dependent clauses work; the adverb, adjective and noun.  I learned how they related to stand alone subjects and verbs and I began to see that I could even use a dependent clause to add emphasis to my writing [break a rule on purpose].

Let’s go back to my original point in this post.

What did Miss Sherer do for me.

She opened a door for me. She opened a door that went a long way toward defining me as a person.  I enjoy writing today due to the confidence that I have from Miss Sherer’s teaching.  I became an English teacher because I admired her skill and took her foundation and built on it.

The door she opened for me was a good one.

That’s not always the case.

Some people have a door opened and they find themselves becoming a person that is not so nice, not so knowledgeable.

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I yearn for new opportunities which means that I will be going through more doors in my home, more doors to rooms I have not explored.

If God takes me to new places, they will be good places, places where I can serve Him. Places where I can reach my potential as a human being. He means me no harm.  In fact Jerimiah 29:11 says it best: “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Man has led other men and women to some dark places, people have been told they are dumb and they believe it, people have been told that they are not creative and they believe it, people have been told that they are physically limited and they believe it, but those are not words from God. They are words from man.

Those doors were opened, people walked through and became those negative things and they have never recovered.

Maybe this has happened to you. The door opened, the future came in and it was not a positive future.  You did not have a Miss Sherer.  It was someone a lot less inspiring.

But you have God.

You have a Holy Spirit.

God opens doors and you bet His doors will be inspiring.

Will you go through God’s door?

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