About St. John Studies

St. John studies is a blog devoted to Christian Education online.  It is administered by David Carter, a member of St. John United Methodist Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and someone who worked with Christian Education for several years at the church.  As a Christian and a Methodist I believe in John Wesley’s concept of “sanctifying grace” which means that after we are brought into relationship with Jesus [justifying grace], we can be recipients of sanctifying grace.  This can be a change that is brought about by trying to know God and to know His Son Jesus Christ.  It is an effort to also know that we have a Holy Spirit.  A major part of this experience of sanctifying grace is making some effort to learn about God.

I believe in learning.  At the same time I admit that, I also recognize that life is so busy and demanding.  There are so many distractions.  Maybe study has taken a back seat to the fast-paced life we lead.  I think that believers in Christ should have a natural curiosity about Him and they should find time to learn about Him.  Maybe if reading the Bible is too difficult, we can find other good things to read and discuss.

Maybe this blog will develop a small community of learners; who knows?  Some who come to this blog will want to move faster through the book we are discussing and that is perfectly ok.  Posts will go up as I move through the book being discussed.  Some books will be easy to read and some will be harder.   Easier books will get more frequent comments.  Harder books will have more time between posts.  This is my first effort at blogging; I have been wanting to do “St. John Studies” for several years but the time was never right. Now seems right.  It is a blessing for me and I hope it is a blessing for you.

Disclaimer:  I am a learner like you.  I am not a seminary trained theologian.  I have a PhD in communication but not in theology.  I am a Sunday School teacher.  I do have a “natural curiosity” about my faith.  I want to learn more and through my learning, I want to grow closer to God.  I volunteer in several places at my church but  I am not a paid staff member.  Officially, I do not represent the church.  As Thom Rainer would say, I try to be a good “Church Member” but that is really all I am–a member of the church, like you.

David Carter

1 Response to About St. John Studies

  1. Wally Bryan says:

    Thanks, David! May your work stimulate us all to put feet to faith.
    I am reading The Renegade Gospel by a Methodist. It’s so good.
    I am a very slow reader, especially so online.
    I think about you from time to time, and have love and goodwill toward you and all you do.
    I may try to “peep in” your Blog from time to time, but/and
    am always ready for a walk, visit over a meal at Sr, Citizens, or coffee/tea.
    I bought an old home on Main Street—look at the back at the hospital. I would enjoy having you over sometime—but right now you’d have to wear a dust-mask!
    Hello to Susan, and may your work benefit you yourself, and many others.
    Sincerely, Wally


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