The Billboard

So far I have “cherry picked” important ideas out of Pastor Kyle Idleman’s book AHA. I have written about how God is trying to communicate with us because He loves us.  I believe He really does.  He does not want us to move away from a relationship with Him.  He wants us to be close.

I have commented on the distractions of fast-paced life and our inability to stop and listen to God.  We are moving so fast that we don’t even realize that we are sinning.  I have suggested that we are sometimes not very sensitive to the signs that we are about to sin.  The activating event is about to happen and we ignore it and go ahead and sin.

Today I am going to write about what I call the billboard.

I have a friend who has not always had a “relationship” with God.  She was always “religious” but did not understand that minimal commitment was not enough.  She was going through one of those times in her life when she was experiencing quite a lot of pain; the sins were committed.  You know what she was dealing with—the guilt.

Anyhow, she was in pastoral counseling and had many questions.  She asked her pastor one day, “Why did I not see the signs, why did I not feel the feelings as I was going down the wrong path?”  The pastor said “some people need a billboard.”

Pastor Idleman says as much in chapter two when he points to other people who are sinning.   His book  has so many good examples–the kids who are in the tv show Scared Straight,  his daughter who wants to pet the rabid Dominican dogs.

Can’t we watch others and see how they are doing and that is our warning?  As they exhibit bad behaviors and suffer, can’t we see that this could be us?

No, sometimes we say things like “I won’t fall into that trap” or “I am better than that.”  Really?

Idleman makes a good point that we can see the man who has stolen money from his employer and is spending time in jail, the neighbor who has not been able to have that affair without the husband noticing and the student who has cheated her way through school and now is in over her head.

Wake up people.  This will be you if you keep going down the wrong path!

These are the ones who have gone before us—the billboards.  If you don’t think that what they are suffering is what you are going to suffer…really??????  You need to think again.

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