Erase Those Pigpen Moments…..

I don’t know how many of you are studying along with me but Chapter 3 really gets into the moments of crisis that God uses to draw us closer to Him.  Pastor Idleman has a long list of times when people get to the “end of their rope.”  Here are some: “she filed for divorce, I heard myself say I am an alcoholic, people found out about my secret, I woke up in the hospital after an overdose, I found myself in the back of a police car, I was fired for embezzlement, the affair was discovered” etc.etc.

Idleman really gets into the difficult circumstances of our lives and poses the question, what would you change?

How many of you would say I would rewrite my past completely!  I had so much pain and my family has suffered so much!

I hope some of you have bought the book AHA.  If you have not, you can catch up to Chapter 3 easily and there are 13 chapters.  We will be in AHA for 10 more weeks after this week is over.  Chapter 3 has a fascinating exercise in it.  I don’t want to spoil it for you but it is the “story of Jillian”.  Psychologist Jonathan Haidt developed this exercise and Pastor Idleman asks us to read it and erase the “pigpen moments,” those times when Jillian suffers.  Imagine she is your daughter.  What would you erase from her life?  That hardship that taught her to pray to God?  That hardship that taught her that she has a lot of joy to celebrate in her life when she is not going through tough times?  That hardship that shows her that her life has a purpose?  That hardship that causes her to reach out to others in love and caring?

Pastor Idleman’s point; “pigpen moments” or difficult circumstances lead us to God.  We need them.

Where have your “pigpen moments” guided your life?  Do you agree that they are valuable?

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