What Do You Use A Mirror For?

Identity management.

Let’s be honest.  How many of us walk into the bathroom, look into the mirror and really examine ourselves?  I am not talking about examining the lumps, bumps, lines and blemishes.  I am talking about an honest questioning of who we really are.  An honest question and answer examination.

Pastor Idleman asks some tough questions in Chapter 5.  Do you spend more time on Facebook than in prayer?  When was the last time you told someone you love them?  How have you helped someone this past month [be specific]?  What is on your computer’s history?  When was the last time you prayed with your spouse?  Your children?  Can you name a missionary that you pray for regularly?  The questions keep on coming and they are not easy questions.  Most of the answers are rather disappointing if we are being honest; speaking the “God’s honest truth.”

Which brings me back to the title of the blog entry.  “What do you use a mirror for?”

Most of us use that mirror to cover up the lumps, bumps, lines and blemishes.  People who study the self concept call that the practice of identity management.  The question that may be uppermost in our minds is “how can I put my best foot forward when I go out in public?”  We don’t want to show that person staring back at us in the mirror in the early morning.  We want to present a better-looking version; in other words, we want to manage our identity.

Is the identity we present to the world real?  No.

The early morning face is real.

God hears our answers to the tough questions above and he knows the real answers.  Why do we answer the way we answer?  Again, identity management.  We wonder how would a Christian answer?  How can I present my best Christian face to the public?  What façade can I use to make me acceptable with my Christian friends, my church?

Chapter 5 is going to ask a lot of us as we study it.  The most important thing it is going to ask for is honesty.

Real Honesty

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