“Make Me One of Your Hired Servants”

Pastor Idleman says in Chapter 5, “That kind of honesty is difficult.  The hardest person in the world to be honest with is the person in the mirror…We’d prefer the awakening without the brutal honesty.”


Awakening, Honesty, Action

The prodigal son was ready to eat pig slop.  He was ready to be one of his father’s hired servants.

He had sinned.

He knew it.

He owned it

Whatever was to come his way, he was ready for it because he knew he deserved to have hard times.

I love the way Pastor Idleman says this: “There was no one else around.  It was just him and the pigs.”

I would add…and God.

He does not have to throw in the towel and admit his sin.  He does not have to grovel to his father.  He can do what a lot of us do.  He can put on the best face he can.  He can “spin” his story.  He can be dramatic and play the sympathy card.

Those strategies work for us every day of our lives as we sin and do the best we can to cover it up.

I had a student explain to me about cheating in school.  He said cheating was not cheating until you get caught and then you are a cheater.  Up until you get caught, you are just “trying to get an edge.”

In a much earlier post, I commented that Pastor Idleman’s book was not about self-help or finding a way to successfully tackle your new year’s resolutions.   However, this book is about growth.

It is about growth in your Christian life here on earth.

You know the prodigal son story.  When he asked his father to make him a hired servant, his father said no.  He pulled his son out of the pigpen, he clothed him, he fed him, he made sure he had a good roof over his head.

Did he deserve this?  The son thought no.  The father thought yes.

The father recognized that his son had that “talk with himself”, just the son and the pigs.

Put yourself in the place of the son.  You are in the pig pen.  You ask your father to make you one of his hired servants.

Would you be pulled out of the mud and slop?

Would you have to learn to live in mud and slop?

Have that talk with yourself in the mirror; have that talk–just you and the pigs…there is where you can begin to grow.

You may be reading this blog for the first time today; maybe you have visited St. John Studies several times but you have hesitated to join in all the way.  You have not purchased Pastor Idleman’s book.  We are just in Chapter 5 and after this week, we have 8 more weeks to go.  Is it time to make a little commitment for your personal growth?  Pastor Idlemans’s book can be purchased instantly on Kindle on Amazon for $3.99, on Amazon used for $5.65 + shipping, on Amazon new for $6.47 + shipping or at Christian Book Distributors new for $11.99 + shipping.   Books on Main may have a copy or they can assist you in ordering a copy.  You can easily catch up.  Older posts can be accessed by scrolling down on the right side of this page.


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