Reasons People Hate Christians

“If you are a Christian, you know that there are certain things that should not be a part of your life.  If you weren’t a Christian, confessing and acknowledging those things would not be a big deal…But when we as Christians find ourselves struggling, our instinct is to hide those things rather confess them.”  Pastor Idleman’s words from pages 91 and 92

That is just what blogger Joshua writes about in his blog.  He lists 10 reasons people hate Christians.  I need to let you know that this guy may just know what he is talking about.  He is a grad student in the Divinity School at the University of Chicago.  He writes: “Christians are hypocritical.  Christians sin a lot.  Christians slap silver Jesus fish on the backs of their cars, and then cut people off, swear and honk their horns and flip people off.  If you offend a Christian’s religion, he or she will respond in anger often yelling at you for disrespecting God, and will frequently remind you that he or she is going to Heaven.”

Ok, this is a little extreme and is more of a rant than a comment but he does make a point–Christians sin a lot.

I do….do you?

I don’t have things figured out.  Many times I get confused and many times I make mistakes.  I wonder why I fall into sin when I really know better than to do it; yet I do it anyhow.

Sometimes Christians are so good at doing the sinless thing that they come across as “holier than thou.”  You have heard that expression and I am convinced that this attitude does more to keep the un-churched out of church than anything else.

None of us is “holier than thou.”

Pastor Idleman is firm in his idea that we have to be honest about our sinning.  He says [his italics] “No way am I going to tell anyone else about my secrets. It would be humiliating to share my mistakes.”   This attitude will kill growth.  Because he is a pastor, people expect him to maintain a certain image.  People expect him to be “spiritual and holy.”  Yet he admits that he sins like the rest of us.  It hurts for him to admit his shortcomings but he knows unless he is honest with his readers the AHA process fails.

You see he does not want to be one of those Christians that people hate, a hypocrite.  And he knows that better things are ahead:  A..awakening   H..honesty   A..action.


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