A New Spin on Denial

This week in Chapter 6 Pastor Idleman is addressing the common human problem of denying the problem.

I say “the problem” because many of us can just say “fill in the blank.”  We all have a laundry list of problems don’t we?

In particular, in the context of his book AHA I think he is writing about the sins of our lives that we refuse to call sins.  We just deny they exist. They do exist. What about a new type of denial?

From an author I have been teaching in Sunday School we get the sentence: “The most fulfilling challenge God’s children can experience in this life is the challenge of becoming more like Jesus Christ” [from Warren Wiersbe, Being a Child of God.

You might be asking right now, how is that relevant?

The answer is when you live a life that has un-named sin, you are denying yourself growth.

You cannot grow beyond the sin.  You are stuck in sin.  You are denying God’s plan for your life.

You may be thinking I have sinned my whole life.  I have a habit of sin. You are not alone. But what if you called that thing that you are doing what it really is?  It is wrong.  It is SIN.  I am not proud of it.  In fact I hate myself when I do it.  I try to hide it from others.  It is embarrassing to call myself a Christian and still have this SIN hanging around my neck. Do you think these thoughts are unique?

Think again.  They’re not.

What if you just called SIN out?  What if you said to God, “take this away from me.  I can’t do this alone.  I can’t rid myself of this dark stain on my soul.”

It may not happen over night.  A lightening flash may not hit you from heaven.  Your body may not tingle all over.  But………

Gradually, gradually… you will desire to sin less as the Holy Spirit begins the work that you cannot accomplish with your flesh.

You have called out sin but you have also called out God in you–your most powerful change agent. Will you have relapses?  Yes you will.  Will you have days when you feel like a failure?  Yes those days will come. Will you succeed?

Yes you will, because God wants this for you and you are accepting His blessing for His glory and you will experience His power to change you.

Eventually your love for God will be more powerful that the urge to sin.

You are not denying God’s plan for your life; you are accepting it.  NO MORE DENIAL! 

You are accepting the challenge of becoming more like Jesus Christ.

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