“Almost” Part 2

He got that degree.

 He almost lost his family.

Pastor Idleman spends chapter 6 discussing denial and the man in “Almost” a few posts ago had become a master of that.

Convinced that he needed more education, he enrolled in a Ph.D program at great sacrifice to his family.  Not only was the program expensive but it was several hundred miles away from his home.  He would have to uproot his wife and child in the summers to go to summer school and eventually he would have to move to the University to live there 4 days of every week.

To paraphrase Pastor Idleman’s words on page 107, “When I went to college I started studying, and I guess that was about the time I stopped going to church.”   To paraphrase Pastor Idleman’s words, “I started falling in love with the idea that I would have Dr. in front of my name and that’s when I stopped going to church.”  To paraphrase Pastor Idleman’s words, “My marriage was falling apart and it was about the same time I started going back to church.” Whoa…… That third sentence is not even close to what Idleman says on page 107 but that is what happened to the guy.

As his marriage was going “down the tubes”, he started going to church.

When his wife told him she had left him, he faced all the horrible things he had done.  He cried out to God in confession, he admitted his wrongs and asked for help and guidance from our Lord and Savior.

He almost lost his wife and child.


God saw something in this family.  God did not want satan to tear hearts and people apart so He sent help.

That church had a pastor that worked with this couple and child.

That church had members who supported this family in troubled times.

“Christians” who were acquaintances now became close friends; friends who would grab your hand and pray with you.

A marriage counselor was an excellent resource and even though she did not let her employer know it, she was s strong Christian and she let us know it.  She was not just a marriage counselor, she was a Christian marriage counselor.

Some of you may be familiar with the Emmaus Walk.  Well this couple went on the Emmaus Walk at just the right time in their lives.  God’s timing.  Tears were shed.

You get the picture.

Once this guy admitted his sin, God sent His resources.

It is what Pastor Idleman calls “the moment of truth”.   “You come to the place where you stop disagreeing with truth and you honestly say ‘here I am’ “.

Almost holds out hope.

God won’t give up on you if you get honest with Him. I did.

Of course it was me in this story and I am thankful for God’s grace.

It all started with me getting down on my knees and saying to Him “here I am.”

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