What is Wrong with Blaming God?

Toward the end of Chapter 7, Pastor Idleman returns to the Prodigal Son story and addresses the idea of blaming God for our problems.  He uses the car he dented on the very windy day as an “act of God” example.  He uses the Moore Oklahoma tornado as an “act of God” example and he also says the Prodigal Son could have used “it is God’s fault” as an excuse for all his sins.

Why do we sometimes blame God for the horrible things that happen to us?

I have to admit, I have struggled with this over the years because I have seen this happen in really tough times.  I have seen people lose their faith in really tough times as they ponder God’s role in those tough times.

It all boils down to this point: did God cause the pain and suffering that you are experiencing?

It is natural for believers and unbelievers to ask why when things happen.  However when we ask why, it points out that we have problems in two areas of life.

1.bad things should not happen to us.

Nope, bad things do happen.  The old expression that it “rains on the just and unjust” comes to mind.  Good people suffer right along with bad people.  Believers suffer right along with unbelievers.  Just because you have a belief in Jesus Christ does not mean that you will be protected from tough times.  They come for all of us.

2.people lose faith in the sovereignty of God.

When bad things happen, the usual human reaction is a feeling of loss of control.  We just can’t figure out what is going on in the tragedy.  We wonder why God allowed this because we know he has total control over everything.  I believe as finite human beings we are really searching for reasons and that is a worthless exercise.  Our culture is obsessed with determining causes for effects.  When the airplane crashes, we obsess with why.  When a measles outbreak occurs, we want to know why, who is spreading it, and where the outbreak originated.  When a terrorist commits a murderous act, we want to know why and how.

God knows.

We don’t

We can’t accept that.  Our finite minds cannot figure everything out.

This is a tough pill to swallow for us.  We want to know it all.

This is where faith comes into the picture.   We have to believe that God is in charge and we cannot understand His ways.  We have to have faith in our Lord and Savior.

This takes me back to the title of this blog entry.  How can we blame God if we cannot understand Him?

We can’t…..but we do it anyway.

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