What About Those Wages?

Paul tells us in the Bible, “the wages of sin is death.”

I wonder if that is true?

The way a minimizer thinks, I guess it’s not.  Literally, if you sin, Paul means you are in the process of dying.  However the mimimizer believes just a little sinning is not going to hurt.  It does not bother God if I am having just a little fun.  He will forgive me for having a little fun.

That’s the way major problems usually start.  They begin with little problems, little steps that lead to making serious bad decisions.

The minimizer thinks that death is too serious a punishment for a “little sin” so they are quick to excuse it, quick to make light of it, quick to say “no big deal.”

Is death occuring?

It is.  Tiny increments of death are beginning to happen as the minimizer slips toward more serious sins, exusing himself or herself all along the way.

Pastor Idleman recounts a woman in his church “In tears…because of an affair, she lost everything: her marriage, family, and relationship with her kids.  With tears running down her cheeks, she shook her head and said, ‘It just started with some harmless flirting at work’”.

“The wages of sin is death.”

In today’s world, we see people who are able to excuse “little sins” throughout society.  Christians are confronted by people of this world who believe that anything goes.  Having a little fun is ok, no big deal.  There is an assumption that people can have a little fun and just stop but sometimes the human brain does not work in such a disciplined manner.  If you enjoy a little, you want a little more, and then a little more.  Soon, the disciplined thought is gone and what was perceived as a small thing has become an accepted thing, a new part of your lifestyle and you don’t even see it as a problem.

I am old enough to see several changes in our contemporary society.

I watch tv from time to time and I hear some dialogue on primetime network tv that shocks me.  Language that used to be taboo is now being used.

I am not alone.  Some of you have noticed this too.

What has happened?  People have excused the taboo language to the point where it has become “normal” on tv.

I know I am risking being perceived as an old “fuddy duddy” but minimization works just like social acceptance of bad language on tv.  A word gets said and we chuckle and don’t make a big deal of it.   It gets said again and again and pretty soon it becomes common vocabulary.

The wages of sin is death?

Let me throw a cliché that Pastor Idleman uses in Chapter 7.  He says we have all heard “familiarity breeds contempt” but adds a new spin that “familiarity breeds indifference.”

He also says, “The journey to the pigpen almost always starts when we minimize our sin.”

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