Questions about minimization…..

We all want to live a stress free life and granted, too many of us [certainly me included] make too big of a deal out of little things but do you see minimization as a problem in your life?

Do you hide from your sins through minimization, saying it is ok, or no problem and you do have problems that need to be addressed?

What is the connection between denial, projection and minimization?  Is there a common thread between these psychological defense mechanisms?

Be honest, why do we give in so easily to these defense mechanisms?

Why is honesty such hard work?

What is the payoff for honesty?

In the Bible in Jonah 3, read it.  What the Ninevites did in response to Jonah’s prophecy is a lesson.  What can we learn from their response?

Throughout AHA Pastor Idleman keeps referring to the Prodigal Son as an example of a Biblical character who has problems of his own making, problems that take him far from his father, problems that take him far from God.

A lot of the Prodigal’s problems have resulted in severe relational difficulties.  Take a few minutes and watch the embedded video of a “prodigal type” situation and think about work you need to do with your relationships.  Do you need to get to work?

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