Ok, I’m Going to Get Personal

I’m 63.  My dad lived to 91.  His sister lived to 85.  Another sister is still alive and doing well at 99.  Another brother is in his 80’s.

Possibly longevity is in my genes.  One never knows.  The inevitable bus may run me over tomorrow.

However, let’s say I have a shot at 30 more years.

How do I want to live them?

It is inevitable that the body will run down.  Bodies are not made to last forever.  However, I want to maximize how my body will function.

How will I do this?

You know, the “ex” word.

Pastor Idleman uses exercise as an example extensively in Chapter 9.  As we are young, we can put off exercise forever…….

As we get older, it is a different story.

You know the statistics.  Thirty-five percent of Americans are obese, which makes us the fattest country in the world.  Kentucky is ranked 47 out of 50 for most obese.

Maybe you have had a time in your life when you felt “out of shape.”  Maye that time is now.  When did you realize it?  When those pants no longer fit?  When you saw yourself in one of those mirrors in the dress shop, you know the ones that give you a side view.  When you last weighed?  Or how about the last time you tried to get up from the couch and you had to have some help.  The signs go on and on and they are not happy signs.

But they are real.

What did you do?

To my knowledge, the first thing you need to do is to start an age appropriate exercise regimen.  The second thing to do is change your diet.

It is not easy.   Exercise is no fun.  It hurts.  It is time consuming.  It is boring.

Diet change is not fun.  Where to start?  Low carbs?  Plant-based?  Atkins?  Nutrisystem?  It can be overwhelming.

Pastor Idleman uses exercise as an example because we can all relate to it.  I have felt a lack of energy.  I have seen my weight go up.  I have seen that sideways glance and it makes me unhappy.  Clothes that once fit, fit no more and the little-used scale is a “no-man’s land.”

Yes, exercise and diet change is a personal thing and no one likes to talk about it but when the Prodigal Son was ready to make a change in Luke 15, the Bible says in verse 20 “so he got up and went to his father.”

For our change, most of us need to say: “so we got up off of the couch.”

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