Two Main Reasons for My Procrastination

This week it is all about putting things off.

Today it is my time to be honest.

I suffer from this just like everybody else and I have two problems that need to be expressed.

  1. I overthink things
  2. I have to have stuff perfect.

When I get ready to do anything I have a tendency to make simple things hard.  Some folks have the ability to jump right in and tackle problems.  I have a tendency to get introspective and start thinking out my problems from all angles.

This stops me in my tracks.

The perfection thing is a real killer.  Nothing is ever perfect.  It is a waste of time to pursue it.  It is not in me.  It is not in reality.  Yet when I start working on a problem, I hesitate because I know I can’t achieve perfection.   It is just a nasty habit that I have.

I was teaching Sunday School this past Sunday and the question before the class was “what do you want to get from your faith?”

This woman in my class said she wanted to be sinless because of her faith.  I don’t have very many moments of lucidity but I think I had one this past Sunday.  I said I wanted my faith to get me to sin less.  I want my faith to allow me to love the Lord more and to sin less.

For a procrastinating, overthinking perfectionist, this was a step forward.

Questions for Chapter 11:  What are the areas of life where you procrastinate?  If you look back honestly, what has procrastination cost you?  How do you see putting off the pain, prolonging the pleasure and/or planning it to perfection playing a role in your procrastination?

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