Go Right at It

It is such a common problem to not be able to move on a project.  It is so hard to motivate yourself.  It is so hard to deal with the idea that change needs to be made and you can’t do the change.

You procrastinate.

Putting it off is so easy.

I want to share a little story from psychotherapist’s Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.  They are authors of the popular self-help book, The Tools.  Pastor Idleman uses so many illustrations in AHA but let me borrow from another source.  It is about a football player who runs right at obstacles.

Maybe this is what we need to do.

Run right at obstacles; get started; don’t delay and overpower what is stopping us dead in our tracks.  It is about football but it is about more than football.  The little story goes like this:

“He sat next to me in my 10th grade mechanical drawing class. I was 13 years old and weighed a measly 125 pounds. He had five years and 100 pounds on me. That was intimidating enough, but he was also the captain and star player on our football team. I was afraid to even speak to him until we discovered we had one thing in common: We both sucked at mechanical drawing.

That broke the ice and we began to talk. He was eager to explain why he was the best running back in the city. He admitted he wasn’t the fastest runner, nor the trickiest. He was the best runner, he said, because he wasn’t afraid of being tackled. In fact, he welcomed it. Given my limited life experience, this seemed like the craziest thing I’d ever heard. Just hearing him explain it was frightening. But it did have its own logic.

He told me he’d get the ball on the first play from scrimmage; but, unlike the other running backs, he wouldn’t try to avoid the tacklers. Instead, he’d pick one out and run right for him. I’ll never forget how he described this: ‘I get knocked on my ass. It hurts for a minute, but when I get up, I feel like I can conquer the world.’ He didn’t avoid the pain of being tackled, he desired it. He knew that by going right at the pain, it would shrink. He knew that when you move toward it, pain turns into power.”

Don’t let procrastination kill you.  Go right at it.

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