The Gates of Hell Are Locked from the Inside

In the film clip on this post is a scene from the popular Christian movie, “God Is Not Dead.”

If you have not seen the film, let me give you a little context.  Dean Cain’s character is a hard-driving businessman who runs over people to experience success.  People just don’t matter to him.  In the clip, he also has no fond feelings for his mother, who has dementia.  He seems disgusted that she is in the state she is in and seems to mock her by talking about his “perfect” life.

Then mom has a lucid moment.  She talks about the jail cell that is so comfortable.  We go in and enjoy ourselves, knowing that the door is always open and we can leave after we take our pleasure.  We think we are free as we come and go.

Little do we realize that we become slaves to the sin we are committing.  We grow to need the visits to the cell, but what the heck, we can always leave.  No biggie.

We think we have choices and we do.

We can turn our backs on the sinning and not go into the cell.  With God’s help through our Holy Spirit, He can give us the strength to fight the temptation if we would ask.

Some ask and walk away.

Some don’t and keep returning.

Then mom speaks a truth that Dean Cain’s character just does not understand or won’t accept.

“The door’s wide open. Then one day, time runs out, the cell door slams shut and suddenly it’s too late.”

He leaves after this, more disgusted than he was while he was sitting with her.

“The Gates of Hell Are Locked from the Inside” is a famous quote from the novelist C.S. Lewis but it fits right into the message of Chapter 12 in AHA.  We don’t have to throw up our hands in defeat.

It’s not too late.

God wants us. Satan wants us.

God gives us discernment through the Holy Spirit which resides in all of us.  Use it.  Make the right choice.


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