A Home of Mercy…The Real Message?

In the last Chapter of AHA,  Pastor Idleman refers a lot to the older son who did not leave home.  In yesterday’s post I referred to the sense of justice that this son was seeking.

The younger son left home and he violated a lot of rules.  He claimed his inheritance before his father became deceased [a huge way to show lack of respect for a father in middle-eastern cultures], he left home and blew his inheritance and then came back home, flat-busted broke.

The older son who stayed home was incensed.  How could he be forgiven so easily?

I am concerned about the attitude we show to others as Christians as others wonder what type of people we are.  Maybe the older son exhibited some of the characteristics that make people not want to join the Christian ranks.

Some of the Top 10 Reasons People Hate Christians….

1.Christians are judgmental:  it is all about the do and don’t guideline.  Fall away from the guideline and you will suffer.

2.Christians are unforgiving: after the judgment comes the condemnation.  Christians do not forget transgressions.

3.Christians accompany their holier than thou attitude with hypocrisy:  no one is perfect, even the most devout Christian.  Don’t tell Christians that.

4.Christians take themselves too seriously:  They live in constant fear of sin.  They don’t know how to recover from falling into sin when they fall into it.  They experience a lot of guilt and want others to also.*

Of course these are generalizations and they fall apart when applied to specific people but they make you think.

The older son was “angry and refused to go in” when the prodigal son returned [Luke 15: 28].  The older son said to the father “Look! All these years I have been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders.  Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends.” [verse 29]

That’s what I call righteous indignation!

Holier than thou.

Seeing clearly and focusing on the sins of the younger brother…and judging.

We forget the older brother in the story and that is a shame.

This guy is in pain.

Sadly, he does not understand the message of The Messiah…..

*this information comes from Joshua from his “Me Things” blog

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