End-of-the First Week Questions and Comments.


If you have not taken the love language profile, it is time to do it.  The link is above.

Other suggestions:

Dr. Chapman has a free newsletter call The Five Love Languages “Practically Speaking.”  All you have to do it go to the upper right side of the profile page [above] and you can have his free newsletter delivered to you email box.  You may want to look into it.  It is rather “practical” and the price is right.

Questions from Chapter 1

1.Think of times when you had problems communicating with someone else.  What did that feel like?   Think of times when you “connected” with someone else.  What did that feel like?

2.Assuming you have taken your love language profile, what do you think about the results?  Do you think the results are valid?  Why or why not?

3.Read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and now that you understand you own love language, notice how it pertains to your own love language profile results.

A Little Note:

I cried.  I know it sounds corny, but I cried.  Believe it or not, tv touches me sometimes.  This week the tv got to me in an unusual place.  I was watching CBS News at 5:30 and they did a 2 minute piece on freshman college basketball player Lauren Hill.  Lauren was recruited to the Mount St. Joseph College Basketball team but she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor before she had a chance to play her first game.  The school scheduled an early game so she could play one game before she died.  She played in that special game [full auditorium] and she scored 2 points, the first points of the game.  Lauren was very sick when she played that game and this past week she died of the tumor.

That was sad and one would think I would cry there but no, the tears came at the end of the story.

LeBron James sent her a tweet after he found out that she had died.  Lauren was gone but I guess he felt she would get the tweet anyhow.  Here is what it said.

“Lauren, can u please tell my Grandma I said hello.  Don’t be afraid, she knows you cause we spoke about u plenty of times.”

Lauren’s death, a big basketball star taking the time to do this;  I cried.

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2 Responses to End-of-the First Week Questions and Comments.

  1. Lauren Hill expressed her love language more clearly and more profoundly in her 19+ years than most of us will in a much longer life span. While sitting in a fast food restaurant on the day she died, I was reading the close captioning about her on a nearby television and was really tearing up in that very public place. I realized the song, “Happy,” was playing through the radio speakers. It could barely be heard over the din in the eatery. First, I thought that it was really ironic, then I changed my mind and thought it was totally appropriate. From all I’ve learned about this young woman over the last several months, there is no doubt where she is now. Those left behind may not be happy, but she is jubilant, ecstatic … whatever is well beyond happy. I hope she and Jesus are shooting a round of hoops.


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