“The Holy Spirit is the Lord of our Time”

Years ago when I was right in the middle of my career, I read a book called Finding God on the A Train.  I borrow the phrase in the title from the author Rick Hamlin.

The book is about one man’s effort to find quality time in his life to pray and learn about God.

I clearly remember feeling rushed all the time when I was a full-time worker, trying to manage my time the best that I could.  It was hard just like it is hard for some of you right now.  I even read books on time management and took a time management seminar or two.

I never felt I could manage my time.

What was the problem?

Interruptions, the interruptions of daily living.

Things would be whizzing along and then the phone rings.  There is a crisis at home that needs attention, a fellow teacher needs a favor and on and on.

The flow was never that long.  Stuff was always left undone at the end of the day.

Rick Hamlin lived in New York when he wrote his book.   He had his share of interruptions but he loved God and prayed that God would show him a time when he could have quality time in pray, meditation and study.

God did: from the 181st Street Station to the 125th Street Station on the A Train Subway.

He was ashamed that the time was so little but it was God’s time, not his.  He knew he could use the time for getting to know God better.

He was obedient.  He closed his eyes and prayed his prayers.  He rid his mind of competing thoughts.  He pulled out his Bible or some other “God book “ [his wife’s term for Christian living literature].   He did this every day.

On the subway.

Hamlin describes his early morning time with God: “This early-morning time of prayer feels like the most important.  Without it, my day would fall apart and I would forget whose I am and what I want to do and what I believe.  It’s the time without which I would exist only for myself, without which I would be consumed by petty demands on my time and petty distractions of my ego.”

Hamlin feels like all of us.  He had many hats to put on his head throughout the day: “friend, singer, son, do-gooder, student, worshiper, committee member, faithful correspondent, telephone talker, writer, editor, husband, father.”

One day he just prayed to God, “show me when I can be with you Lord.”

God did.

On the A Train.

Can you pray that prayer?  “God, show me when I can be with your Lord.”

He will show you.

He will provide the time because the Holy Spirit is the lord of our time.

Will you act?

After God shows you when you can be with Him, will you pray?  Will you study his Word?  Will you obey your Lord?

Will you have quality time with Him?  He wants quality time with you.

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