“God Made Me See What He Wanted Me to Do”

I have written this week about some people who do acts of service in their lives.

Today, I want to comment on Mother Teresa.

Talk about intimidating.  Who can do more than that little lady?

Reading about her in Dr. Chapman’s chapter on Acts of Service, I was struck by her words “God made me see what he wanted me to do.”

This touched a nerve with me.

Many of you know I am retired.  Let me tell you, when you transition to that stage of life, there is one overwhelming question that you will be asked over and over.  “What are you doing to stay busy?”

When someone asks me that, they tilt their head a bit to the left or right and I get the sense that they are feeling a little sadness that they are addressing another retiree who is struggling to fill up the hours.

Not so.

You see, I believe in God and His Holy Spirit.

I am not going to admit this to make you think I am righteous.  What I have experienced is nothing unusual but God has lots of things for us to do, every day of our lives.  I believe He did not put us on earth without reason.  We all have work to do at any stage of live we are in.

We just need to look.

Let me take you in a direction that humbles me.  I teach a small Sunday School Class at St. John.  The class is full of good people.  They put up with me as their teacher and I love all of them, every one.

In January, we began a series of lessons on missionary work and it so happens that we have two people in our class who are going on a mission trip to Costa Rica in late May.  Since we were studying missions, we began to think about what we could do to help the mission in Costa Rica.  We have a church member who sponsors this mission outreach and he visited our class.  After his visit, the class decided to donate money to “Fishes and Loaves”, a child feeding program at the mission site. For thirty dollars, one can feed one child for a month.


The class secretary and I huddled and very tentatively decided to set a goal of $300 for the class for Fishes and Loaves.

To date, we have $1,250.

That humbles me.

I read about Mother Teresa and she says, “Let us not be satisfied just by giving money.  Money is not everything.  The poor need the work of our hands, the love of our hearts.  Love, an abundant love, is the expression of our Christian religion.”

Can we become a Sunday School class that does more than writes checks?  Can we do acts of service?

We have already proven that we can write checks.

I believe we can make the transiton.

Micah Mission Center may be our target.  It is a refuge for the homeless of Hopkinsville, the drug addicts on the street and the prostitute on the corner. Can we help Micah?

Again, Mother Teresa said “When we touch the sick and needy, we touch the suffering body of Christ…Jesus is the one we take care of, visit, clothe, feed and comfort.  Every time we do this for the poorest of the poor, to the sick, to the dying, to the lepers, and to the ones who suffer from AIDS, we should not serve the poor like they were Jesus; we should serve the poor because they are Jesus.”

Some will not want to do acts of service.  It is beyond their capability.  They may be squeamish being around people so unlike themselves.  That’s ok.

Anyone reading this post, please pray for us.

That we can turn from check writers to a group doing acts of service.

God showing us want He wants us to do?

We’ll see.

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