The Meaning of Touch

Chapter 6 is about touch or tactile communication as communication researchers refer to it.  Another term that is tossed around is the word “haptics”

Why does Dr. Chapman think this is a love language?

For one reason, it is the first sense that human beings experience, some would say in the womb.  Certainly care is communicated for an infant after birth through fondling, caressing, patting and stroking.

A child begins to explore his world though touch.

In the beginning stages of human relationships people touch a little, the intermediate states a great deal and the stable or deteriorating stages, you again touch less

For meaning of touch, communication research categorizes touch communication in five categories.  One category is positive emotions:  support, appreciation, inclusion, sexual interest etc.  A second is playfulness or a desire to play.  Touch can also communicate control.  Think about times we touch others to say “move over”, “hurry”, “stay here” or “do it.”  Rituals play into touch as we normally touch up on greeting or saying hello.  Finally task-related touching includes a nurse touching your forehead for fever detection, a barber cutting your hair or a dental hygienist cleaning your teeth.

Before we go too far with touch, we have to be aware that some people do not like touch.  Some people experience a lot of anxiety or fear about communication by touch and some feel irritation about touch as people who like touch may force touch on folks who dislike it.

This week we will be exploring the love language of touch and we will see it is not all about physical touch.

For God to touch us, it is not often a “physical” touch but the touch is very real for people nevertheless.

Right up front, I have to admit that touch is my highest score regarding love language.

It will be fun exploring this topic and Chapter 6 all week.

Touch, a preferred method of communicating love and caring for some people.

A preferred method of receiving love and caring for some people.

Is touch something God uses to communicate to todays man and woman?

We’ll see.

This week.

Love language # 5, physical touch.

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