Into the Uncomfortable Zone

Several times on this blog we have discussed uncomfortable subjects.

Our first study by Pastor Kyle Idleman forced a lot of confrontation on us as he held a mirror up to us and asked why don’t you wake up, be honest and take action.  Many of us don’t want to wake up, we don’t want to be honest and for goodness sake, don’t ask us to take action.

Now we are in a study that tries to make the case that love languages exist and we have needs concerning love that need to be fulfilled.

And God can fulfill those needs.

This week’s subject is physical touch…

Oh Oh….here we go (into the uncomfortable zone)!

What does Dr. Chapman mean by physical touch?

Is it a real touch, one person to another?  Does he posit that God can touch us?

It is both.

It is a proven fact that many of us like to be touched and we like to touch others.   Some people don’t want to be touched and are not likely to touch others.

But can God touch me?  Can God touch you?

He has touched me.

Many times.  [I can hear some of you now; Carter is going off the deep end.]

One of my best friends listened to a confession and repentance I made about how I was going down the wrong road in life.  I rode around in a car for an hour with that man, pouring my heart out, crying (almost weeping, wailing and moaning) and my best friend talked to me about Jesus. His troubles were similar to mine and when I left him, I knew that I had released a lot of my burden.  I felt I was physically lighter.

Another of my best friends consoled me in a particularly hard time in my life and after listening to my woes and sharing some of his, he grabbed my arm and said he wanted to pray for me.  As he did, he called on Jesus for help for me and my whole right arm tingled like I was experiencing a mild shock.  The tingle did not come from him holding it too tightly.

In one of the lowest points in my life, I was walking the dog after receiving the worst news a man could receive.  I was lost.  I was confused.  I did not know where to turn.  But I kept praying, “show me what to do God.”  I said this over and over because I was numb with shock.  I had no relationship with God at that time but l was about to have one because a calm came over me and I heard a message.  That message did not come from the dog.  God clearly told me what to do and I felt strength come over me as I had a new Savior and a new direction.

I was asked by my aunt to help her in her last days, as her friend, confidant and executor of her estate.  I was overwhelmed at times by all the things she asked me to do but I prayed for God to help me.  He did.  The process was scary and daunting but God stepped in and helped my aunt and me both get through it.  She had many helping hands come to the rescue and when the process was over, the imprint of God was on the whole matter.   I can see that now.  Clearly.

Recently I have heard my pastor tell of standing at the graveside of her son and feeling weak and unsteady.  She has told that she felt a hand go around her to steady her.  She assumed it was her husband but when she opened her eyes it was not him, yet she felt the touch.  God’s touch.

Why do we not share such testimonies?

Because many, many people doubt our sincerity and maybe our sanity.

But this is real.

God is active in daily life for the believer and God does physically touch us.

Sometimes it is like Pastor Janet and it seems to be a physical touch from God. Sometimes it may be a touch from another person that is powerful and our body reacts.  Sometimes God’s touch results in an emotional outpouring and sometimes we can see God’s touch as He orchestrates complex situations for the best [His best is the best, not ours].

We may be in the uncomfortable zone talking about such matters.

We need comfort.  We need to admit it.

We all need the comfort that comes from the touch of God.

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