Losing it All…

Damage in Rio Vista after Sunday's storms.

Over this past weekend, the picture above was too much on the news.  That picture was from Texas.

Severe storms and floods have been hitting Texas and many have lost all.

Then we start reading Chapter 8 in Dr. Chapman’s book and we learn about Emily.

Wasn’t it fascinating to think about God’s gifts?

Most of us ask God for things too much when we pray.  It’s almost like God is not God; he’s Santa and we present him with a wish list when we pray.

God is not like that.

But God has given us a lot.

Emily got up one morning and she decided to thank God for all her gifts.  She became determined to thank God for everything she had.

What did that do?

It made her realize that she had a lot.

She started with her bed, the pillows, the mattress, the sheets,the blanket and on and on.  She started going all around the house touching things and thanking God.

Running water, indoor plumbing, rugs, mirrors, chairs, clocks, on and on and on.

What if we lost it all?

In a tornado?

What if we were homeless?   My Sunday School class is developing an interest in working with Micah Mission Center.  It will be a shock.  Micah is a hangout for people who are trying to get off the street.  Many people who are there are drug addicts or prostitutes and some are just plain homeless.  They are living under bridges or trying to camp out under cheap plastic.

I have been to Micah and when I was there, the place was abuzz with activity.

I was talking to the Director, Brad Shuck, and he told me of a woman who came into the Center and she was living under a bridge.  She had a simple request.  She wanted a roll of toilet paper.  When Brad gave her a roll, she broke down and cried.

Can you relate?

Probably not; because we take our tables, air conditioners, lamps, coffee pots, books, tvs and couches for granted.  We have not lost it all.

We take toilet paper for granted.

Does it come from God?

Of course it does.

Should we appreciate it and give thanks for it?

Sure we should.

We don’t.

We might someday…if we lose it all.

Give Thanks!

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1 Response to Losing it All…

  1. LuAnn says:

    Thank you David! I needed that this morning in my whining. I give thanks for you and your words.


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