I know you have used a global positioning system [GPS] in your car and when you took a wrong turn, you heard it speak those words to you “recalculating.”

What does that mean?

The GPS is trying to show you how to get back on the road to reach your destination.

For the Christian, we are trying to go down the road to our destination.  We are trying to get to Heaven and as we are here on earth, we try to stay as close to Jesus Christ and his Father God as much as possible.

Sometimes it does not work that way.

Sometimes we get off the road.

Chapter 9 is full of examples of people who got off on the wrong road.  Dr. Chapman includes Megan as a prime example of a young woman who gave herself to a man who was a bad influence on her.  She lost her faith due to his agnostic beliefs which spread to her.

Sometimes it is the pursuit of money.   Money is such a desirable commodity in society today.  Every day we see “rich” people in the media, people who seem to have perfect lives due to the power of their massive amounts of cash.

Sometimes it is the pursuit of power.  Control over others is very tempting.  It gives one the sense that they can manipulate others to get their way, control their own destiny.

The list goes on and on.

Human beings can worship many gods, except the One True God.  I have a friend who worships his car.  I have friends who worship golf.  I have friends who worship their children; their kids can literally do no wrong.

God will only stand so much of this and as Chapter 9 says, God will step in and discipline us.  When does God do this?  Dr. Chapman says “When we are walking away from God and we are in danger of bringing harm on ourselves and others.”

Sometimes the discipline involves painful circumstances.

I have known this first hand.

When I was furthest from God, He put me in a situation where my heart was broken.  Only He could put it back together, with aid from wonderful Christians here on earth.

Why did this have to happen?  He knew I was putting academic achievement, work success and power over Him.  New gods were replacing The God.  I was spending no time with family, no time in church, no time with God.

He wanted me back.

I did not see what was going on when I was experiencing the anguish.  I was in the moment and not able to visualize God’s plan.  As years have passed, I have a better view.  I can see that correction was needed and I had to endure it.  I needed my GPS to recalculate.

When recalculating is occurring, it is good to remember that God knows what we need, more than we know ourselves.  It is also good to know that God has a good plan for us.     Jeremiah 29:11   “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In times of recalculation, we need to hold on to this scripture and have faith that God is on our side.  In times of recalculation when the pain is happening, it is good to remember that it is pain for purpose.

God does not want to harm us.  He really loves us and always will love us.

Even in times of recalculation.

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