The Fork in the Road

Dr. Chapman writes: “In every generation and in every culture, the Spirit of God continues to communicate divine love by speaking the love languages of God.  God is both holy and loving.  If man does not respond to His love and accept His forgiveness and the gift of an eternal relationship with Him, then man must face His judgment.  The fork in the road for all mankind is to choose God’s love or God’s justice.”

It is one of my pleasures of life to have a wonderful pastor for a friend.  He and I have been close for about 18 years now and I am not a member of his church.  What’s the significance of that?  He can tell me things he cannot tell his flock.

I am honored to be his sounding board.

He has a man in his church who has turned his back on his wife.  This man has taken up with a younger woman and has stopped going to my friend’s church.  The problem is, my friend wants to minister to this man, wants to lead him back to the flock, wants him to choose the love of God as the way back to right relationship with God.

Now the young man is floundering.  By this I mean that he feels remorse but he seeks someone to justify his actions.

Can he find that person?  Sure he can.

Can he find a pastor that will “excuse” him?  Sure he can.

Can he find a congregation that will accept him as he is now, forgetting that he has committed adultery?  Sure he can.

That’s how desperate some churches are to get members.

What is his best option?

Repent and choose God’s love.

What could he do?

Run from what he has done.

Dr. Chapman says it best when he says every generation has to make the choice.  Every generation has to come to the fork in the road—God’s love or God’s justice.

I have been in situations; you have too.  When you know you are doing wrong and you just can’t deal with it.  You feel convicted but there is a pull on you.  The pull is away from God and into a world of self- centeredness, temptation, greed, lust, covetousness etc..  The list is long.

You want to be forgiven.  You want to be told that you are right.  You want to feel ok.

But you know you are not.

One of today’s terms that gets tossed around a lot by people who espouse to be “spiritual” but they are not spiritual [in a Christian God sense] is the word karma.  I am not a fan of that word.  It is a pop term for justice.  God will allow the young man to go a long time without repercussions but there will be a time when God’s justice will come.   God wants all of us to choose Him.  My pastor friend wants the young man to choose Him.   I don’t know the young man very well but I want him to choose Him.

Choosing God is the only way that he will ever be right.

Choosing begins with admitting that he has done wrong.  The young man needs to say to God, “I have done wrong Lord, please forgive me.”  If it is said with a pure, sincere heart, God will forgive.

You see, God wants him back.  God sent his only Son to pay for the sins of this young man but he must accept this loving provision of God’s payment.  He must accept responsibility for his actions.

He can do this.

Take the fork and go toward God’s love.

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