When a friend left town, he called me over to his house and gave me a job or two.  He asked me to deliver a children’s Bible to the church so it could be used.

I brought it home and as I was about to put the Bible in a bag to deliver it I saw some paper inside.

Knowing my friend, I anticipated that the papers would have profound thoughts in them and I was not disappointed.

They were thoughts that hit me hard when I experienced the love of our Christ for the first time:  “Every single thing we do begins with a choice.”

Now these thoughts hit me again, 18 years later.

When I fell in love with Christ, I began to see clearly that I had choices to make.  What was the best one for God?  What ones were for selfish me or others?

Indeed my friend knew the bedrock of life, that life all boils down to choices.

Pastor Chan has been trying to get us to see that in Chapter 3.  He advocates a lifestyle that is crazy.  Tradition would call on the Christian to live a life of sacrifice on earth for a heavenly reward but he is not calling on us to do that.  That is the age-old concept of “life is a veil of tears.”  Pastor Chan is calling on us to take chances here on earth to do the work of the Lord while we are here on earth.  There is the reward.  The life of purpose is what we get.  The life of joy in helping others is what we get.  The life of peace is what we get.

When we make the right choices.

The “real crazy” life according to Pastor Chan is storing up things on earth, living a safe life and hunkering down.  He believes in taking chances for God.

My friend had other words on his paper.

Isiah 5:5-6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon Him while He is near.”

Pastor Chan knows that any millisecond God could take your life.

Choose to serve God.


Before it is too late.

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