Feeding Your Mind…Who is in Charge?


Feeding Your Mind…

As we get ready to read, study and comment on Chapter 5 together, let’s take a moment and look at the intro video.

You may be subscribed to Right Now Media, a gift from our Pastor, Janet Carden.

Maybe you have not done that yet.  Maybe you think it is too hard to access this study tool.  Maybe you just can’t fit this into your life right now.  I don’t know.  There are multitudes of reasons why we don’t do things that maybe we should do.

But consider…

Using the link above.

Creating  a username.

Creating a password.

Logging on and watching the video.

Scroll down the array of videos and find a teaching that interests you and watch it.


This transitions into my introduction to Chapter 5 pretty well.  Chapter 5 is about what we are feeding our mind.

I have been a member of St. John United Methodist church since March 1st, 1998.

It has been a long and mostly enjoyable relationship as I have continued to worship there and volunteer there over the years.

I know my church pretty well since (in my volunteer role) I get to meet a lot of people.  I can truthfully say I love every one of my church family.  Some are harder to love than others and from time to time, sometimes I don’t like what someone does but that’s ok.  I know there are usually reasons why people behave the way they do and I certainly don’t have all the answers.

One thing I have noticed is that many folks at St. John are often stuck in the logical fallacy of “appeal to tradition.”  This is not unusual.  A fallacy is an illogical way of thinking and appeal to tradition is a very easy fallacy to believe.  It is based on this basic thought: “We have done things this way in the past and it has always worked.  There is no reason to find a better way, a smarter way, an easier way.  It has worked well in the past; let’s do it that way now.”

What is the problem with that type of thinking?

Maybe there is a better way.

Maybe there is a smarter way.

Maybe there is an easier way.

Maybe we have not been doing things in a Biblical way?

Oh no, I can’t believe I said that!

Get ready, Chapter 5 will step on your toes.  Maybe I just stepped on them.

Who does your thinking?  Do you probe your Bible?  Do you spend time thinking that Christian bracelet admonition “What Would Jesus Do?”  What that bracelet reminder makes you do is ask what you would do as a believer of Jesus and the New Testament [it seems to not be that “stylish” anymore].

Do you just blindly follow tradition?

Do you follow the crowd?

Are you a group thinker and not an independent thinker?

Granted, it is hard to think for yourself.  It is so much easier to follow others.   It is easier to blind yourself to how you really want to believe and adopt the beliefs of the “herd”.  Don’t consider the best way; follow the traditional way.  You will “fit in” better with others.

What do you need in order to do things differently?  What do you need in order to follow God’s path for you?

You know that the crowd is not doing the best thing.  They are doing the traditional thing.

You know that tradition is not the same thing as doing “What Jesus Would Do.”

You know in your heart that you are being led a different direction.

What do you need in order to do things differently?

You need God’s strength as you do what is right; not what is easy.

The big question of Chapter 5 is this:  what are you being fed?  A related big question is this:  are you in charge of feeding yourself?  A third big question is this: is your food coming from the New Testament?

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