This blog is such a surprising thing.

I remember I started the first week of January and I was afraid.

Would anyone read it?

Did that really matter?

Could I find things to say?

Was I in this for the long haul?

Well here it is August 8 and I have answers to some of these questions and the answers are coming in the midst of trouble. I am writing today’s post for three reasons: explain this week and apologize tell you why I am continuing on [selfish] tell you my source of strength [maybe unselfish]

First of all, this past week has been very stressful. My church family knows of the sickness in my immediate family. My son has been visiting this week and we have been very busy with him and last night his wife was hurt in an accident at work. He is having to rush back to Chicago to be with her. I ask for prayer for my family. I know everything will be ok but at times it is hard to see how it will be.

Secondly, I am amazed at how much writing is helping me. I am a person who likes to express himself. Pray for my poor wife who has to put up with me. This blog not only gives me a chance to get my thoughts out but it has been a growth experience for me. I am getting more into the Word, I am thinking more about my life with Christ here on earth, and I am making some changes that are so helpful. All this stuff is selfish [sorry].

Lastly, my God is so helpful to me in these times of trouble. As things happen, I turn to Him and He gives me strength. The strength is amazing because it does not make sense. I do not see complaining about life right now as a needed option. I know He is with me. I know He sustains me. I know He will show me what to do.

I love Him.

I pray that what I write helps someone who reads this blog.

I am sorry about the erratic week.

I press on…through the trouble.

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