Insane Things for the Lord

I hope you watched the video.

It is representative of Chapter 9 in Crazy Love.

Doing insane things for the Lord.

Why are they insane?

Because they are acts of faith.

They stretch people beyond where they want to go.

The things Pastor Chan describes in the video and Chapter 9 make people uncomfortable.

They demonstrate a level of commitment beyond anything you ever imagined.

Wow, isn’t it easy to be safe? It is so nice. You just go to church, be fed by the pastor for 20 minutes and then go home. That’s all that is required to be a Christian.

Is that all that there is?

I ask you this question. Are you growing in your faith?

Don’t get me wrong, in the video Pastor Chan is citing examples of people who have sold everything and gone abroad on a mission trip that is long lasting, not just a week overseas. These people have made lengthy commitments. I have two friends from high school who became Wycliffe Bible Translators. They went to foreign lands and spent years translating the Bible into the language of the area where they were assigned.

Folks, that is what I call commitment.

People do these kinds of things but what if that is way beyond your reach?

And what if extending your faith is something you can do in a less dramatic fashion?

Won’t God honor that?

Of course He will.

You are giving to the church in a grudging way. You have been very short with your tithe and what you give, you have not given with a happy heart. You become serious about bringing your tithe to the appropriate amount.

God will honor that growth effort.

You are called on to get involved with youth at church and you keep saying “No, I am too old; let the young ones do that.” You say yes and help Anita with chaperoning a trip or volunteer to help with Children’s connection.

God will honor that growth effort.

United Methodist Men need extra help with transportation for elderly church members who need to go to the doctor. You can drive but you have been fearful of the commitment. You say yes and get involved.

God will honor that growth effort.

The bus ministry is a fledgling effort. It seems that we just can’t figure out how to use it to pick up people. At times the church has run it for one or two people. You have ideas about how to get people involved and coming to church but you are scared to commit. You do commit and the bus has 5 people on it and them 10 and then 15 to 20 every Sunday.

God will honor that growth effort.

You are wanting to attend a class on Wednesday night. Maybe it is a class having to do with creating something. All your life you have told yourself that you are not very creative but you really want to attend. Down deep inside you know you need that. You say yes and you attend.

God will honor that growth effort.

It has been so long since you have done a serious study of the Bible. You never even open it much anymore. You find out about a translation you may like. You purchase a study guide to help you read it and you begin; the beginning becomes habit and you are reading the whole Bible through and you are understanding it.

Praise God, He will honor that growth effort.

Too often we hear stories of people like my high school friends and we feel “pale” in comparison. Maybe we feel angry that we can’t do what they are doing. Maybe you feel less Christian because we just can’t commit to going abroad for years at a time.

That’s not the best response to examples of Christian people doing dramatic things.

Where are you?

What are you used to?

What is a stretch for you?

Do it!

Don’t play the comparison game. It is a loser’s game. God knows where you are and what you need to do to grow. Just do what you need to do to grow.

But don’t stagnate in your faith, or even worse, don’t decay in your faith.

God does not want that for you.

Let inspirational Christians inspire you. That’s what they are good for…inspiration. But don’t feel like you have to march along with them step by step. You have to do what works for you and God.

God will honor your growth effort.


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