Crazy Love Chapter 10 “The Crux of the Matter”

Today, please watch the video and reflect on what Pastor Chan has said to us about living the Christian life.

He has sincere hopes for us.

Don’t grumble about your church.  Don’t grumble about your life.  Ask the question what is it I must do before I die?  Now that you feel you have learned something about living as a Christian, don’t be judgmental of others.  Be humble.  Take what you have learned and do something with your life.  Consider the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in you.  Find a way to listen to your Holy Spirit and respond to it.  Don’t have perfection paralysis; looking for perfect circumstances in order to take action is a waste of time.

Tomorrow, we will have an announcement about the next St. John study.

Enjoy the last chapter of Crazy Love.

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