Hold On…

How do you feel when you have a “bad” day? A bad week? A bad year?

I believe I have been blessed in my life. Of course I have a bad day every once in a while but there have been few times in my life where I have had a bad week or a bad year.

It has happened but not often.

I can think of two events in my life when I had bad years.

Everyone has times of crisis or trauma. Things happen and they are not all good but I wonder about people who go through crisis or trauma without God. I wonder about people who have bad weeks, or bad years without God. How do they do it?

Not well.

I know.

I have not always known Jesus.

I came to my Lord and savior 19 years ago in the middle of a crisis [my second bad year event]. God pulled me through this period after I turned to Him for help. He restored me to life in Christ.

Some people don’t have that kind of experience, where they can pinpoint a time and a place where they got on their knees and cried out for help, a sincere desperate cry for help.

That’s ok. People can find Jesus in many ways. It does not have to be so dramatic.

My introduction to Jesus was dramatic.

I know people in my life who don’t know God right now and I am always a little concerned about praying for them to find the Lord because the “finding” might come in the middle of a crisis.

Anyone can “do the math” on me and determine that I was born again at the age of 44; some would call me a “late bloomer.”   There were times of crisis or trauma before I established a relationship with God and those days were not easy. In fact I had a hard time pulling my life back together.

You might ask, what did I lack?

I am going to use metaphors to explain what God does for me now.

He provides an anchor in times of trouble. Yes, as a believer I still have good days and bad days. But when I am a bit lost, I don’t want to stay lost for a long period of time. This morning, I had a multitude of problems on my mind. Like you, at times I get overwhelmed with my concerns. Sometimes there are just too many “loose-ends.” There are too many decisions to make. Maybe just too many things to have to think about.

Then I think about Jesus. How no matter what is going on in all the other aspects of my life, I know that I know Jesus. That’s the most important thing. I know He loves me and will care for me. I know He will guide me to the right choices. I know he will forgive for me my weaknesses and will provide strength that I don’t really have.

He is my anchor.

He is my inspiration. I have heard the expression “behind every good man is a good woman” and I believe that can be true but one thing that I do know is true is that behind every good Christian is a God who inspires him or her to be a better person.

God sent his Son Jesus to earth to instruct us about how to live. He set the bar high. We can’t carry out the mission that Jesus carried out but we can try. You see Jesus provided inspiration for all of us to live better lives.

His life model was not intended to discourage us. His life model was not intended to deflate our egos. His life model was not intended to lead to our complacency. His life model was intended to inspire.

What he did with his life showed us what we can do with ours. It is better to not compare to ourselves to Jesus Christ but take his life as a motivation to do better. His courage can give you courage. His dedication can lead to your dedication. His devotion can make you become more devoted.

At times, as we have studied Crazy Love I have been actively questioning my courage, my dedication and my devotion. The book can do that to you. Pastor Chan sets the bar high. Francis Chan seems to have little fear as he puts himself in positions where God has to come through to help him.

You can ask “why can’t I minister to those in the inner city? Why can’t I sell my house and become a missionary to the Congo? Why can’t I become a pastor and devote my life to leading others to Christ?”

I don’t know.

Maybe one day you will engage Jesus on a deeper level, make a more serious commitment and spend more time doing His work.

But right now, thank God that you have what you have.

Thank God that you have him as an anchor.

Thank God that he sent his son Jesus to earth to inspire you and me.

Yes, there are always the good days and the bad days; the good weeks and the bad weeks and I hope not but maybe a year can get really tough. But with God, the days we have can be better.

Because we have Him.

No matter what happens, we have Him.

He makes all the difference.

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