The Mature Listener…Making the Voice of God a Priority

Have you ever thought that a life in Christ is your own private spiritual adventure?

What does God want you to do on your adventure with Him?

Dr. Willard says He wants to “keep us from harm and keep us from harming others.”

But it may be more complicated than that. How are we to know if we cannot understand God’s messages? We also learn from Dr. Willard that listening to the voice of God must be a priority if we are to experience what God has to offer.  The voice of God can be a clear voice if the person who hears the voice is a spiritually mature person.

We have already pinpointed Moses as a Biblical example of a spiritually mature person in previous posts, a man who listened to the voice of God. Along with listening, he exhibited a humble attitude toward life.  He had no hidden agenda.  He was not out for power.  He just wanted to do what God wanted him to do after he began to believe that God saw something in him that he did not see.

Let’s stop for a minute and explore that idea.

Besides being humble, Moses began to forget his own negative vision about himself. He began to understand God’s spiritual vision for him.

Have you ever thought that you are your own worst enemy? Yes, you can stand in your own way.  When you look through the eyes of faith in God, maybe you can do more than you think you can.  You can do what God has purposed for your life.

So many people have a negative vision of themselves. Every day is a non-stop “I can’t do this.  I have no skill to do that.  I am not physically capable.  My brain is not smart enough.  I am too scared.”

Moses finally overcame his inadequacies. He started accepting the idea that God had a much bigger goal for him.  He started believing God’s view of him rather than his negative view of himself.

Some of you may recall that I used the word humble to describe Moses a few words back. I did.  When Moses cast off his negative attitude about himself did he also cast off his humility?

No he did not.

He knew where his abilities came from—God.

He never failed to give God credit for his abilities.

Do you wonder why you are not hearing from God? Maybe you are living a stagnant life.  Maybe you are hanging on to a negative picture of yourself.  Maybe you need a better vision for who you are.  Maybe you need to adopt God’s vision of who you are.

I have heard all my life the slang expression “God don’t make junk!”

What does that mean? In the context of this post, it means that our Heavenly Father “created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” [Genesis 1:27]  God created us as “relatives”, people able to receive His communications.

God did not intend man to always expect the spectacular or be confused by riddles. God intended man to be able to grow and process his messages.  Dr. Willard states “in the process of struggling, we grow to the point where we can appropriate and assimilate the content of truth as it becomes clear.”

The “rivals” of God’s voice are still in place. But when we begin earnestly seeking God and get beyond the need to have spectacular things to catch our attention, we begin “to understand and rejoice that, as Jesus so clearly lived and taught, the life of the kingdom is ‘righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’”. [Romans 14: 17]

“God’s whole purpose is to bring us to the point where He can talk to us quietly, calmly and constantly, leaving us space to grow to be His (often fumbling) colaborers—to have some distance from Him and yet be united with Him because we are being conformed to the image of His Son, bearing the family resemblance.”

This is communication with God on the greatest level. This is the type of communication that only the spiritually mature person can handle.  Let’s recognize that spiritually mature people don’t see themselves as others see them; they adopt the idea that God is going to use them.  They are the conduits of His will.  They are open to being used.  The action they take in life is God-based.

Their private spiritual adventure is directed by God and they are hearing His messages—clearly.

They are humbled by it and they are enjoying the ride.

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