Let’s Review

Dr. Willard is complementary of our efforts to study his book. It has been challenging but I feel it has stimulated growth.  Congratulations to all of you who have stuck with me to this point.

After challenging us to study more in my previous post, he says if you have reached this last chapter, “you have made that study. You have endured the hardship of thinking carefully and in-depth about hearing God’s voice.”

But before he endeavors to give us his answers to our final questions he wants to review.

As an educator, I know review is very important. Let’s do it.

1.Individualized communication takes the form of the “inner voice, a characteristic type of thought or perception. Whenever God tries to guide us our thoughts and perceptions bear within them the “marks of divine origination.”  Discernment is our guide.

2.Most commonly people who receive God’s Word do so in conjuction with the study of the Bible. But God can also speak through other people and any way that He chooses.

3.People who really want to determine if God is speaking to them can get clues by the quality, spirit and content of God’s voice but we need to be aware that our discernment is not infallible.  It very well could be.

4.Receiving a word from God does not guarantee that a person will understand it. In fact, we put many confusing barriers between ourselves and God which can distort the meaning of His Word.

5.We need to reiterate that just because we are confused and “fallible” does not mean that God is “fallible.  God’s Word to us is perfect.  We are the imperfect listeners to His communication.

As we have reviewed now, let us look forward to answers to the following questions and as we get those, I will have my comments on the answers. I already know that I am going to comment on the element of active listening regarding God’s Word and I will discuss people who really don’t want to hear a word from God.  But in this last chapter Dr. Willard will talk about how we come to live confidently and sensibly with God as a conversational presence in our lives.  He will also comment on how much we can count on hearing God.  What does it mean when we don’t hear His voice and what are we to do when we hear Him?

In other words, this chapter is mega important for our study. It may take a few days to get through but it is my prayer that those days are fruitful.

I am going to say it…

They will be.




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