The Humble Nature of Learning…

I don’t often do this but I am going to do it today.

I am going to write a personal essay to admit that I have really enjoyed writing about Hearing God.

Maybe a few of you faithful readers could guess that already.

Dr. Dallas Willard is an author that I have heard about for many years and I have had three of his books on my bookshelf for a long time [Spirit of the Disciplines, The Divine Conspiracy, and Hearing God ].

Like other books, I thought I would get around to reading Dr. Willard one day but the day never came until I picked Hearing God for St. John Studies.

Last year was a wonderful learning year for me and in some respects I don’t want to let 2015 go…but I must. It is over.

A major highlight of the year was blogging [on average] six times per week on Hearing God.

I don’t want to let Hearing God go but I must.

When I began the book, I thought I would do a chapter a week but after plowing into it on August 24th, I soon saw that my one chapter a week plan was going to go out the window.

The subject matter was too rich.

The author’s thoughts were too profound.

I had to work and work to understand what Dr. Willard was saying and I knew I had to go through the book at a pace that was respectful of its content.

Some chapters took two weeks.

Some chapters took four weeks.

Some of you probably got lost about where I was in the book but as I went from page to page, Dr. Willard kept making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck with his thoughts.

He pinpointed so many problems I had with my relationship with God and maybe he unearthed some of your problems too. He discussed the competing voices we all have in this world, the voices that take us away from God.  He challenged me to find God in the Bible and revealed that many of us Christians do everything except read God’s word.  We know God is there.  Why don’t we study God more?

I took his words to heart…

And now I have to let the book go.

Have you ever felt a little depressed that a book is over? Have you felt a bit down as you read the final pages?   You know you will miss the company of a special author.

That’s how I will feel as I leave Dr. Willard.

I am sure our next book, Paul Little’s Know Why You Believe, will be a good book.  It will be stimulating too.

There are twelve chapters. I hope it won’t take 6 months to finish the book.  I doubt it; the chapters are short.

As I get ready to wrap up Hearing God, I will comment on the book’s epilogue.

That will be tomorrow’s post. The epilogue is only six pages.  I hope to get it done in one day.

It is entitled “The Way of the Burning Heart”

I have to admit that Dr. Willard has changed me. People don’t realize it but when you learn, change occurs.  People don’t realize it but when you teach, you learn.  But I doubt that Dr. Willard would be pleased that I wrote that he changed me.  After reading him and getting to know him, he would rather me say that God used his words to change me.  That’s what he would want and that is correct.

You see, Dr. Willard knew why he was on earth. He existed to do what he could do to further God’s Kingdom and whatever he accomplished in his life, it was for God’s glory.

He died on May 8, 2013, but his thoughts live on and he continues to show us “The Way of the Burning Heart.”






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