Is There a God?

Paul Little states “More consequences for thought and action follow the affirmation or denial of God than from answering any other basic question.”

The two beginning consequences reside in how man or woman thinks about himself or herself.

Here they are:

Does man reign over this world as supreme being? Does man have the ability to understand all and explain all?

Does God reign over this world as Supreme Being? Does God have the ability to understand all and explain all?

Can we point to God as the Deity who has revealed Himself naturally and supernaturally? Do we believe God has guided and directed the nation of Israel throughout time?  Can we pinpoint God in the history of the Christian Church?  Can we find God in the pages of the Bible?  Did God send his Son Jesus to earth to instruct us how to live, forgive us and show us that if we believe in Him, death will have no power over us?  Do we believe that God resides in the heart of man and the God-believing man and woman can experience God in a relationship that connects man and woman to the Supreme Being through the Holy Spirit?

For me, I would affirm all the above.

But not everybody can do this.

If a person can’t affirm God as their Supreme Being, what happens?

1.The world is not a home for man and woman. The universe becomes a machine that has no pity on man.  Man just appeared here by accident.  We may have our desires and hopes but the universe will crush them because the universe does not care about us.

2.Science is our sole explanatory tool. If we cannot see repeated behaviors or repeated actions, we don’t think we can understand the world.  We look for causes and if we can’t find any, we don’t know how to explain.  However, science is obsessed with finding causes.  When an airplane crashes, we become obsessed with explaining why.  When a gunman opens fire in a movie theater, we become obsessed with coming up with a motive.   When power goes down, we search for the cause of the power interruption.  We are not satisfied until we have the cause.  John Ortberg states this about our obsession about knowing:  “Our problem is not that science has taught us our world has no meaning.  Our problem is that we have decided that what cannot be answered by science cannot be answered at all” [from his book Faith and Doubt]

What is the result of denying that God exists?

We get too wrapped up in the world, that world that does not care for us; that world where we are just accidents, creatures that have evolved over a long time by natural selection. The world can be a dark place that threatens us.  No one is in control.  Certainly not God.

But for me, the world is where God is working out His plan for man. Do I get obsessed with concerns of this world?  Not really because I know it is not my home.  My home is really somewhere else.  Jesus said in John 14:1-2 “Trust in God; trust also in Me.  In My Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.”

For the person who denies God, the world is all they have, that world that does not care for us, that world where we seek to explain and if we can’t explain, it is not real.

Does man reign over this world as supreme being? Does man have the ability to understand all and explain all?

The implications of the question “Is there a God?” are very real. Man becomes the center of the universe.  Man becomes the supreme being. Man has the only intelligence in this world.

For me, that’s too much to give man.

Man does not deserve this position.

Man does not deserve that supreme title.

Man is just not that smart.

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