The Christian Who is Truly Alive!

Have you ever been around a “live” Christian?

That sounds silly but here is what I mean. Have you ever been around a Christian who is alive with the love of Jesus?

They have something special. They have an aura about them.  They have a calm, peaceful nature and yet when something needs to be done, they do it and they do it well.  They are always looking out for others and meeting other’s needs.

I was with such a person just the other day. This person inspires me.  They go to my church, St. John United Methodist and they have a characteristic that I would call selfless.  This person has problems, serious health problems but let me tell you, you would never know it.  I was with them the other day, the day before they were to go in to the doctor for  treatment and they spent almost 99% of their time talking about someone they care for who is going through a tough time.  “Tougher than what I am going through” they said.

As we wrap up our study of Know Why You Believe, I want to springboard off of this person into what happens to a person when Christ comes into their heart.…you begin to realize that you are not alone.   You have friends who believe in Jesus and they love you; they support you when you are going through difficult times.  You are not alone anymore.  You have caring friends who will drop what they are doing to help you.  I have seen my fellow Christians give to others when they did not have much to give.  I have seen my fellow Christians spend time with suffering brothers and sisters when they were very busy with their own lives.  I have seen my fellow Christians work hard to make things easier for others when others could not do for themselves.

2.purpose…you have joined a group of folks who are furthering the Kingdom of God and that is now your new purpose. You have work to do now.  You see the church member go into the nursing home; you have someone to visit.  You see the church member miss church; you have someone to call.  You see a church member go through a divorce; you have a new person to listen to and several cups of coffee to drink.  Work for God is everywhere, no matter your age, no matter your health limitations…you can pray, pick up the phone, you can address a card.  Show love for your fellow man.

3.wisdom…we never know it all. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we know little.  We are baby Christians.  God does not want us to be babies forever.  He wants us to grow and handle adult problems and tackle adult projects in His name.  He wants us to read His word and study about Him.  He wants us to learn over time who He is.  He wants us to experience spiritual maturity.  When trouble comes, He wants us to be able to handle that trouble.

4.resilience…when trouble comes, it puts us flat on our backs [sometimes]. God does not want us to stay there.  He wants us to have the ability to get back up and stand for Him.  He wants His strength to be infused within us so we can inspire others by our ability to fight our problems with peace and wisdom.  Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is not just a popular piece of scripture. It is a way of life for the rock solid Christian.  Whatever life throws at you, the mature Christian can handle it because the mature Christian knows where their strength comes from and they can draw upon it.

5.peace…This is the person I spent time with the other day. This person exhibited peace on the eve of their storm.  Like Jesus in Matthew: “And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep”, the mature Christian knows that the storm is not that bad and it will pass.  The mature Christian knows things that are bad will not be bad forever.  The mature Christian has a peace that passes all understanding.

Spend some time around “alive” Christians. They are the best promotions for Christianity in the world.  You watch them and say to yourself, “ I want what they have.”  You watch them and wish you had their composure.   You watch them and realize you don’t have it and you want it badly…



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