A Big Thank You…

I’m back!

I want to give a special person a big thank you.  I knew for about two weeks I would be traveling to a locale where internet service was spotty at best and it was.  It was nice to be away from the constant bombardment of media but I am not there now and it is time for me to get back to work.

The special person I want to thank is Audrey Scott, the administrative assistant at St. John United Methodist Church.  Audrey is the one who loaded the pre-written posts onto the blog while I was gone.  I did not want to leave readers completely and this was the only way I could maintain contact.

Thanks Audrey.

We have reached the point in our book where Pastor Hamilton has finished talking about the gray area between extreme black and white viewpoints.

Now, he is going to focus on specific issues that divide us, from science, evolution and other religions to abortion and homosexuality.

My prayer is that I will be able to deal with these issues myself and encourage you to see views that you have not considered.

My aim is not to shake your faith, or even change your values, but find a way to build bridges on these issues, issues that divide our friends, families and even our nation.



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