The Fruit of Prayer

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The book we are studying now is about prayer: W. Bingham Hunter’s book The God Who Hears.

I ask your forgiveness as I post my thoughts about how prayer has helped me so much in my life.

You see, I believe in the power of prayer.

Let’s lay aside the ideas about why people don’t pray [the barriers to prayer], how to approach an unapproachable God, our personal honesty about sin and praying to an all-knowing God and let me tell you about the results of prayer in my life—right now.

I am on the verge of returning to Vanderbilt University to see my doctors about the healing that has taken place in my body since I broke my pelvis. I realize I am such a blessed man. I have never had any experience with severe pain, a serious bone break, surgery, long hospital stays, total dependence on other humans for the basics of life, disability, etc.

Until now.

I don’t know what my doctors will say on this day…December 5, 2016, but I can say this: I know I have had people praying for me.

And it matters.

It has been amazing and humbling to receive the phone calls I have received.   Of course, many have been local people, but some have not been. People from distant places have called me to tell me they have me in their prayers.   I have received countless emails from people telling me I am in their prayers.   The cards from my church have flowed in, and they have all said the same thing: “You are in my prayers.”   I am a member of the prayer group at my church and I have been prayed for there by strong fellow prayer warriors who know me very well.   The night of my fall in the emergency room, three pastors came to pray for me.   Their words were so comforting. The pastor of my church followed the ambulance to Vanderbilt and spent the night with my wife. She knew my wife was too scared to drive alone in Nashville so she drove her.   She stayed all night in the waiting room with my wife and visited with me several times in the night. I could not sleep but her prayers did so much to calm me in those early hours.   The day of my surgery, I had an unknown visitor named Doug who came to talk to me as I was in the surgery recovery room.   He told me his story of trauma [much worse than mine] and how he knew I would recover. He did this with God in his heart.   I connected with him immediately and felt that he was sent by God to give me hope.   He prayed over me and I felt every word.   He imparted such peace to me about my future. Then there is that church on 5575 Dick Pond Road. The Socastee United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Every week they have sent me a letter telling me that they are praying for me.   The day they prayed and the time they prayed.

“As you were lifted up in prayer we asked God to let the Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen you.   We also prayed that the Lord would richly bless you and provide for your every need during this time in your life. We will continue to pray for you during the coming week.”

Then nineteen people signed the letter. Nineteen people I have never met.

I know how this contact was made.   I have a good friend in my church who lives in Hopkinsville, Kentucky part of the year and then Myrtle Beach the other part. He has put me on the Socastee prayer list.   Every week I have received their letter.   It means so much.

I have a special friend in my church’s prayer group. She believes in stepping out in faith. She is well-known as a person who does not just ask God; she claims God’s blessings before she receives them because she believes they will come.   She has faith that her Father is on her side and the “evil one” will not win. She has worked with me, trying to get me to step out in faith.

I can hear her now: “David you will receive good news on Monday. God cares for you and He is taking care of you. He has knit your bones back together. He wants you to be whole again. Thank Him for the wonderful things He will reveal to you on Monday.”

I know she is right.

But before I leave for my Monday meetings, I want to thank all of you who have prayed for me.

I have felt those prayers. They have resulted in my body healing. I don’t have to have a doctor tell me how far I have come since October 18. I know that I have come a long way. I still have a ways to go but I have come a long way. PRAISE GOD!

Let’s give credit where credit is due:

I don’t believe I would have come this far…without those prayers.

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