“I Got A Word From God!”

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“I got a word from God!’

Has anyone ever told you this?

I have had many opportunities to be around God-believing people so I have heard that exclaimed from time to time. I was “born again” twenty years ago and I started hanging out with a new crowd, a group of people who were more dedicated to living a God-centered life.

Before, I was spending all my time with people who did not profess a belief in God or if they did, I would characterize them as “religious.”   Let me use myself to explain what I mean.   I went to church. That was about it.   I did not worry when I missed church.   I just attended when it was convenient and felt that I was not missing that much when I was absent.

No dedication to worship [I did not see a need].

No commitment to a Sunday school class [not convinced I needed to learn about God].

No commitment to Christian service through my church [ I was too busy with my own “stuff”].

I would characterize myself as “Christian in name only.”

I was never around anyone who said “I got a word from God!”

If I had heard that, I would have probably thought they were crazy. They were physically, emotionally or mentally weak.

But then God changed my life in the midst of a major personal crisis.   I asked Him to help me out of my crisis and He did.   Christian friends began to appear in my life.   Loving people who helped me through my problem.

Yes, I began to hang out with a new crowd.

A few of those folks have told me they got words from God. Now, I no longer think them crazy.

What about you?

When you hear someone say they have prayed about something and God answered them, do you believe? Have you ever personally heard from God?

Is there Scriptural support for hearing from God? Of course there is.   Moses had direct communication from God as well as Samuel and Elijah.   In Acts, God responded to prayer by speaking during dreams. Angels visited people in Scripture in Daniel, and in Acts.   Others experienced visions [for example Acts 9 and 10].   God even used third parties to speak to petitioners in 2 Kings and Acts and angels were sent to third parties in Acts 12.

In the next few posts, I will discuss some of the most important aspects of prayer: getting words from God; getting direct answers to prayer, and how we know we have an answer.

We will also deal with the idea that God sometimes does not answer prayer? What do we do if that happens? What is God up to?

Finally, we will consider the value of persistence.   When we don’t get the answer we want, or we don’t get any answer at all, should we keep asking God for the same thing over and over again? Is it right to pester God?

Even though there may be Christians today who report they have experienced a word from God, is this real?  Did words from God only come to those people in our Bible?

My direct question to you today is this: what do you think?

Has God ever given you a word?

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