Pushing Back on Darkness

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“Whether you are a high-powered marketplace person, a stay-at-home mom, a full-time student, or something all-together different, you (yes you) can join God in making what is wrong in this world right!”   Bill Hybels from Holy Discontent.

Pastor Hybels is addressing all that is wrong in this world and to be honest, none of us have to look very far to see some things that are very wrong. The wrongness that you just cannot stand any more is your holy discontent.

Let’s focus on the phrase above: “you (yes you) can join God”. So many people may wonder why God has to be part of the effort. Does a person have to believe in God in order to make this world a better place?

The answer of course is no. There are many “good-minded” folks in this world who are trying to improve things with their efforts. But why is Hybels so focused on joining with God to right the wrongs?

Because restoration is what God is trying to do with our world.   God is trying to make what is wrong right again.

From the beginning, He made order out of disorder and darkness and He made humans in His own image. They were supposed to reflect His character. They were supposed to be earthy representatives of His rule and they were supposed to harness God’s creation [the world] in order to produce beauty and order.

We all know what happened.

God had been defining good and evil for man but God decided He would give man a choice in the matter. Man would have a chance to choose good or evil. Enter that tree, you know that tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Man makes that choice, to turn his back on God, to turn his back on a wonderful eternal life.   He does not trust God’s definition of good and evil. He listens to the serpent who promises that consuming the forbidden fruit will really not have any negative consequences.

Of course we are still living with the negative consequences. Adam and Eve destroyed man’s relationship with God and introduced sin into the world.

But God has not given up.

He wants to restore His relationship with man.   He wants to right the wrong. When you feel “holy discontent” you have a powerful partner working with you if you are a believer. Hybels says when you connect with God “it’s as if an enormous wave of positive energy is released inside you. . . .This energy causes you to act on the dissatisfaction that’s been brewing deep within your soul and compels you to say yes to joining forces with God so that the darkness and depravity around you gets pushed back.”

Natural responses to darkness and depravity are apathy, negativity, powerlessness, etc. Many people in this world do not want us taking action to correct things; let’s just roll with it and leave things as they are. Sometimes if muck is all you know, you learn to tolerate muck.

That is not God’s point of view. God wants restoration. I will go even further than that. God desires restoration.

He wants to restore His relationship with man and He wants to restore beauty and order to this world. Hybels says in God’s reality “[the] enslaved can be set free, what is broken can still be mended, what is diseased can still be restored, what is hated can still be loved, what is dirty can still be made clean and what is wrong can still be made right.”

If you have some frustration that is boiling over and you want to take action, it is essential for you to ask for Holy Ghost help if you want to maximize your impact. What is tearing up your heart is also tearing up the heart of God. Instead of just living with things as they are, we can be fueled by our frustration; we can know that with God, better days are ahead. “They [holy discontent people] listen to their soulish instinct inside of them that says life just doesn’t have to be the way that most people experience it” [Hybels, 27].

Don’t get me wrong, much good has been done by people who don’t necessarily believe in God, but if you want to really make a change for the better, join forces with our God who promises restoration.

Restoration is what God is focused on every moment of every day.

“He is working right this minute—even as you are reading this sentence—to call our sorry and broken world back to it’s original beauty and purpose” [Hybels, 26].


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