Thank You All…

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I want to take a moment to post a thank you to all of the folks who wished me well on my 66th birthday.

This past year was not in the plan.  When I fell off the 12 foot ladder on October 18, 2016, last year’s birthday was to say the least, altered.

More than one year out, the bones have healed and slowly but surely, the strength is returning.  Every thing that  has happened this year is quite a contrast to last year and I am thankful.   I remember the days when I could not get out of bed without assistance, walk without a walker or shower without a shower stool.

Yeah I remember how unhappy I was on my 65th birthday.

Too often I have taken so much for granted.   I was busy and did not appreciate the little things in life…until the little things were taken away.

No one wishes trauma on themselves and of course I would like to avoid future trauma. But in reflection, my 65th year was a learning experience.  I learned a lot from what happened to me.  The day after surgery at Vanderbilt I had a man who prayed with me and he recommended a book called Upside by Jim Rendon.  On November 29, 2016, I thought Rendon’s book was crazy, that trauma can change lives for the better.

One year out, I am beginning to get his main points: that inner strength can increase, closeness to family and friends can happen and life can be reoriented to more fulfilling goals.  Suffering can push people to change their lives for the better.

In past years, I was blessed by birthday greetings from my facebook friends but this year is different.   I want you to know I truly appreciate all of your sentiments.

Thank you all…

David Carter

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