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It is hard to explain, you know those blessings that come from unusual places. After discussing ten books and posting 667 times, I have to admit that blogging on Christian literature has been a big blessing. John Bevere’s book Good or God? has been one of the best books I have written about, one of the best blessings I have had since I began blogging.

Since I began writing on December 30, 2014, I have had some “up days” and some “down days.” That is the way ordinary life is; you have some of the good and some of the bad. Some of the books I have written about have been better than others but all of the books have taught me something. You might say I have discussed some good books on St. John Studies and I have discussed some much better books.

Most of the days I write, I look forward to writing. When I began blogging in 2014, I tried to write every day but after a year of doing that, I found that more people find my blog if I try to post every other day. That is the target I set for myself. Lot of times I hit that “target.”

As I wrap up another year of writing, I come to a time of transition, a time of ending a book and starting another, a time of ending a year and beginning another.
Good or God? is hard for me to end.

My good friend Pastor Roy King of Bridge of Hope Fellowship in downtown Hopkinsville, Kentucky recommended the book to me in June of 2017 and it has been a slow page turner. What I mean by that is the best books I write about can stimulate an idea for me in a page or two. I can cover a chapter in two or three posts in a weaker book; there is just not much “meat” there. Thanks Roy for the recommendation of this book. I had no idea I would grow so much as I wrote about it. Good or God? certainly has a lot of “meat.”

When I begin to consider what books to blog on I often go to Amazon to see how they have been received by readers. Many people will review books and you can see the percentage of positive reviews and even read comments if you so choose. The number of reviews for this book was not overwhelming [592] but the percentage of five star reviews was amazing [93%].

Why is the response to this book so positive?

First of all, I think that for whatever reason, many people in the Christian community have settled for less. They literally are happy enough with the good things of life and are not aware that God offers so much more. Good or God? explains that there is more for us and Pastor John Bevere tells us how to go about getting it.

Secondly, life is so complex today that many Christians are ensnared in a web of distractions. When contemporary life has so much to do, we forget what we should do. We don’t zero in on the main things, the daily worship of God, the study of His Word and a full-throated fearful reverence for Him. It is so easy to shrug off what we should do with what the world tells us we can do.

Thirdly, in the clatter of life, there is no quiet place where we can hear God’s voice. Many Christians report that they believe in God but God really does not communicate to them. Maybe He is communicating with them but they cannot hear Him. They are too busy. They don’t take time to hear a still small voice; either they are not interested in stopping to hear that voice or maybe they feel that their life is so full they can’t find a quiet place.

The last thought about this book is the need we all have for truth. Right now our world seems to be clouded with relativism. People have their views and it seems that none of us agree. On top of this, no one is setting boundaries. Of course there is right and wrong; after all, life is about choices but today the lines seem blurred. In John Bevere, you have a pastor who desires to teach the whole counsel of God. Grace is not merely a means to “cover” our sins; grace is a means to empower us to live more abundant lives.
People need to have boundaries.

In my many years with my professional educator wife, she has proven to me over and over again that the best students thrive when they know the expectations.

I think the same is true for all of us. We need to know there are rules. Too often Christians view the New Testament as the only guide we should have and the New Testament is all about love and forgiveness of our sins. Of course it is, but it is also about Jesus coming to fulfill the law. He did not come to abolish it. Like my wife’s students, we will all thrive if we know the expectations.

Yes, John Bevere’s book Good or God? has been a blessing but everything comes to an end and it is time to move on to another book. My next post will introduce the next book and I will explain why I picked it. Like so many of the books we have studied, it will probably be a blessing too.

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