Taking Stock: Where Am I in This Journey? Two Books, One Author: Not a Post, An “Interregnum*” so to Speak…

Blogging has been a real adventure for me.  When I started writing on January 6th, 2015 I began with a discussion of a book by Kyle Idleman  Aha: The God Moment that Changes Everything.  I remember the book and the discussion: Idleman tries to express the idea that we have moments of great spiritual awakening, moments of great honesty about our relationship with God which should lead us to action. The book was full of examples and testimonies which can communicate good messages to folks that do not want a “weighty discussion.”  My blog posts reflected that.

Since 201,5 I have discussed other books that reflected my interests and maybe even my growth as a Christian (see Ongoing List of Books Discussed).  Then in October 2020, I felt a need to return to an author who meant so much to me in my “baby days” as a new born-again Christian:  John Stott.  His book Basic Christianity was seminal in my early deepening faith, but instead of returning to BC, I chose his book The Cross of ChristThe Cross is the opposite of Aha.  Instead of a simple messages supported by example and testimonies, The Cross is a book that discusses the centrality of the cross in Christian faith.  It is packed with theology and at times “above my pay-grade” [to use a cliché in order to describe my intellectual inadequacy.] 

After starting the book, I decided that a return to Basic Christianity may be good too, so I decided to do two books at the same time: two books, same author, one book very dense and one book simpler and more “basic.”   I have never discussed two books at the same time. 

My intent is not to confuse followers of this blog as I switch from one book to the other.  I thought it would be interesting to compare Stott’s writings and offer my comments on a “heavier” subject and then turn to a lighter, more straightforward topic. 

At this point we are returning to The Cross of Christ.  I have commented on Chapters One through Three in Basic.  I have commented on Chapter One through Four in The Cross

Stott has discussed in great detail the central importance of the cross for Christians.  He has also discussed the purpose of the cross in His plan to save man [with a heavy emphasis on the need to sacrifice His only Son Jesus Christ].  Indeed Chapter Four of The Cross is all about the need for Jesus to die so man can be forgiven.

We are now ready for Chapter Five, entitled “Satisfaction for Sin.”

*Interregnum technically means a period or pause between successive periods of governmental affairs;  in this case a pause between books to reflect…

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