A Loss

On May 14th, my wife* lost her mother. Martha Ordway Fletcher was a wonderful mother-in-law, kind, understanding, accepting, a Christian. My wife had an exceptional relationship with her mother; it is no exaggeration that they truly loved each other. Susan has been helping care for her for months now as she has suffered from congestive heart failure. Finally on May 14, she passed away. Since then, I have tried to do what I normally do; one thing I normally try to do is contribute to St. John Studies every Thursday. This week I am going to be late. I thought I would be able to post in advance but my son and his wife are here and there is just too much going on. Today is funeral day and I don’t need to have my head in my computer. I need to be assisting others.

*Susan is my editor. When she works with my posts, they are always better. This week will be late but hopefully when it goes up, the wait will be worth it. I know anyone who reads St. John Studies will understand.

David Carter, St. John Studies…

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