“Hey Zack Morris, how do you like working at Target?”

Ok, I promised in a church-wide email to St. John United Methodist Church, Hopkinsville, Ky.

Shorter posts and more frequent posts on this blog……

Before we get into Chapter 2, let me address a couple of things.  1.  Have you ordered AHA by Kyle Idleman?  Let me point out a few things to you.  It is easy to read.  The chapters are short and it can cost as little as $3.00 + shipping [used] on Amazon or you can have it in seconds for $3.00 as a e-book or on Kindle.  The reviews are impressive.  One reader says “This book will change your life.”   Another says “If you spiritual life has been in a place of complacency, this book is for you.”  Yet another says, “I can’t imagine a book like this that is so well-written.  Kyle Idleman is the real deal… a must read.”

Commenting:  In chapter 2, Idleman says we all need a few words from an honest friend to give us correction [ the Zack Morris reference from Saved by the Bell].    I went to church today and got those words.  My wife had already told me but they really “stuck” when they came from a good honest friend (she will remain anonymous).  She said you are not commenting because my posts are too long.  Also the posts may be a little too wordy.  [So far the blog has had 93 views and 0 comments].  The anonymous thing:  you don’t have to write your name on a comment.  I will respond to a post signed “T” or “W” or some made up name like “squiggy”.

I have a lot of my friends from St. John on Facebook and I read what you write about on Facebook from time to time–here is a sampling of the posts today; recipes, politics, basketball and with the recent terrorism in France, many of you have comments on the Muslim faith.

What can I do to get you to comment on how you feel about our Christian God via the study of Kyle Idleman?

Tomorrow, I promise:  Chapter 2–shorter posts and more frequent posts on Chapter 2.

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