Old Car Horn

Pastor Idleman uses so many attention-getting examples in his book from everyday life.  Many of us have I phones and he talks about the different ring-tones and alarm tones than can be accessed to get your attention.  He compares that to the warning signs that God gives us that we are going down a wrong path toward sin that will get us very much in trouble.  He says the best sound that gets his attention is “Old Car Horn.”  Many times we have been in the Distant Country so long that we are used to being away from God.  We are not praying, we are not reading His word, we never even think about God.  We are absorbed in whatever is taking us away.  Are you totally absorbed in work?  Do you have a technical diversion that is occupying all your time [computer game, facebook, etc] ?  Is a group of friends number one on your list and you have little time for anything else?

These are pretty tame examples.  Let’s get even more serious.  Here is a list:  gambling, alcohol, porn addiction, drug addiction and it goes on and on.  All these things can take us into the “distant country” but what do we do when we hear the “Old Car Horn” and we know we must change.  When does the horn sound?  When the spouse tells you she is going to leave you? When you are in jail for a dui?  When you wake up somewhere and you have no idea how you got there?

Some of you think the second list of examples is the worst but in my years of teaching I have seen a lot of problematic behavior.  One time I knew a student in one of my classes who gave a speech on video game addiction.  Turns out, I had a chance to listen to her confession.  She had the addiction and to make matters worse, she was unmarried and the sole parent of an infant.  She admitted that the child went hours without attention as she spent 6, 8 and 10 hours online playing with her gaming buddies.

Wow, do you think she needed a warning sign?  Maybe you have not purchased Pastor Idleman’s book.  Why do you think these warning signs happen?  He tells us in Chapter two but if you do not have a book, venture a guess.

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2 Responses to Old Car Horn

  1. The car horn image is vivid. I found when i lost my way that condemnation and sin consciousness told me that something was wrong. The peace that passes understanding was not there, and the still small voice wasn’t showing up. Basically, I was trying to fix things in myself, and others, while drifting farther out of range of the still small voice and the peace that comes from obeying that voice. Finally, in 1994, no longer in the scriptures or having any assurance, I was driving and out of nowhere, the still small voice said, “Stop obsessing about your family and look at me.” I was stunned. I argued that I didn’t understand. The voice repeated the same words, and after hesitation, I could see that I didn’t need to understand, just obey by faith. I had no idea of what “look at me” meant when the Holy Spirit said that, but I decided just to do it. A pinhole of light came through into the vast canvass of darkness that I was living in, and from there the still small voice gently and increasingly led me back to fellowship with the Father and with His Son. Actually, as you can tell, when I say that the voice wasn’t showing up, it was I who wasn’t showing up with ears to hear, but it sure was sweet when I was weighed down enough to hear and resume by grace the journey of faith into who we are in Christ. Brian Coatney


    • Thanks Brian. Pastor Idleman has an uncanny way of using ideas from everyday life to get at deeper spiritual experiences. Certainly you have come through a period in your life when you were not paying attention to car horn warning, as I have too. What a blessing when we become conscious of the warning. In today’s post I will comment on the next part of his message. Also thanks for your encouragement to do a blog.


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