Chapter 4 “A Startling Realization”

Chapter 4 in AHA is deceptively simple.  It is short. It has fewer illustrations or stories and Pastor Idleman is just not as wordy as he has been in the first three chapters.

But what is it about?  Simplicity.

I guess it is time for me to admit some stuff.

1. I tend to make things harder than they have to be.  Are you that way?  I know there are people who plunge into tasks and get a lot accomplished very quickly. They have confidence in their ability to utilize their skills.  I am too analytical.  I have to think a lot and plan a lot before I lift my finger to do anything.  In my mind, I have this habit of saying “It can’t be that easy” so I proceed to make things hard.  We will discuss this in the context of Chapter 4 this week.

2.I sometimes lack self-awareness.  People who like popular psychology love to toss around terms like “self-awareness” and sometimes the meaning of such terms is blurred but what I am saying is I don’t stop and ask myself how I am coming across to others.  Let me give you a very specific example.  I sometimes fall in love with my own writing so much that I  don’t catch my errors of expression or even my typos.  I depend on my wife to clean up my mistakes.  You see, she is not in love with my writing and she can see it for what it is–maybe some good ideas from time to time but also some unclear expression and careless typos.  She is objective.  I am subjective.  We will discuss this in the context of Chapter 4 this week.

3.I have been practicing yoga for many years and as I have gotten older, it is very helpful as these old muscles and bones don’t work as well as they used to.  I mention this because I am amazed at how much better my yoga sessions go if I can clear my mind of the stuff of daily life and I just concentrate on yoga.  I am frustrated when I begin to stretch and then I find myself thinking of something that happened in the past or something I have to do in the future.  I am pulled out of the “now” and mentally I go somewhere else.  Why can’t I just quiet my mind?  We will discuss this in the context of Chapter 4 this week.


Maybe the startling realization is that we don’t know how to live simple lives…Chapter 4.

If you don’t have a book yet, don’t despair.  We have 9 more chapters to go after this week and you can get a book and catch up easily.  All my posts are still below and you can read those if you want.  You can comment if you want.

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