“Get over yourself and take a bath.”

I have already made the admission that I make hard stuff out of easy stuff.

I guess I am not alone.

Pastor Idleman tells us the story of Naaman in 2nd Kings in Chapter 4. Naaman is a powerful military commander from the Kingdom of Aram.  He is used to doing big things, complex things.

One day he gets terribly upset because he has developed a skin disease.  He is beside himself with worry about this disease.  In his past military conquests he has taken an Israelite girl to be his wife and she says she knows how to cure his problem.  All he has to do is travel to Israel to meet with the prophet Elisha.

Naaman anticipates great complexity.

He assembles his entourage–750 pounds of silver and 150 pounds of gold, horses and chariots, 10 changes of clothing, supplies.  He even asks the King of Aram to write a letter to the King of Israel saying essentially “you had better see that my buddy Naaman gets his healing or else!” Naaman is prepared for anything.

As his company approaches Elisha’s territory, Elisha sends out a messenger.   The message: tell Naaman that all he has to do is go to the River Jordan and bathe 7 times.”

Naaman:  It could not be that easy and what is this upstart prophet doing sending his messenger to me.  I am supposed to send my messenger to him.  It is not proper protocol for Naaman to receive messengers first! Naaman is expecting to conquer someone; Naaman is expecting to have to pay someone vast sums of money; Naaman is expecting to climb a mountain to reach some inaccessible peak.

No, just take 7 baths.

Guess what:  Naaman bathes 7 times and the skin disease goes away.

Guess what:  Naaman leaves Israel declaring that “there is no God anywhere on earth other than the God of Israel.”

Are you like me and you have things you need to do but in your mind, the work is too complex, it costs too much or you think you don’t have the skills?

Maybe we need to “get over ourselves and take that bath.”

Don’t make hard stuff out of easy stuff.

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