It Is Rarely Ever from A to Z…

Pastor Idleman uses the story of David to illustrate how denial can cause great sin.

We all know the story of King David’s downfall.  The glimpse of Bathsheba bathing on the roof is just step A.  Before long after learning her identity and the identity of her spouse, David was ready to take step B.  He would invite Bathsheba to his quarters for an ill-advised meeting.  Step C would be making advances to her despite the loyalty he was being paid by her spouse Uriah, one of David’s most trusted soldiers.  Step D is sexual union with Bathsheba…..

It goes on and on as David digs a deeper hole, a deeper level of sinning until he has not only committed adultery but also has multiple lies to his credit and he has conspired to commit murder; his whole character is compromised.  His reign as King is called into question.

And he lives the life of a man who tries very hard to cover it all up from his adoring public.

You know the story.  David is not only a King, David is not only a man leading a double life, but he is also a man of God.  That man of God part is the sticky part because David knows he has done horrendous sin.  He knows that God knows.  All the cover up in this world did not matter to him because he knows God sees through all of it.  God knows David’s sin.

It is killing him.

It did not happen all at once. It did not happen over night.  Satan got David to commit the first little sin, the glimpse.  That was the set-up.  David could not get that view out of his mind.  Oh, if he could have, the story would turn out differently.  The great Martin Luther said we can’t keep birds from flying over our heads but we can keep them from nesting in our hair.  That’s David’s problem.  He did glimpse Bathsheba but he did not let it go.  He let her image “nest in his hair” and he was ready to go on to step B.  He did not stop with step A.  After A, he felt the need to go on to B which was bad, but it was not horrible.  So how about C?  He found out that he could do that….eventually he was at XY and Z.

He was in a mess and he knew his Lord knew it.

Denial works like that.  Once we can find a way to deny that one sin is not so bad, we can move on to justifying another, until we are in a mess.  To use a recurring theme of the book, we are in “the distant country” and living a life that is far from the life our Lord wants us to live.

Where is the hope in all of this?

First of all, there is hope in the Christian who recognizes that birds do fly over our heads and a wary Christian does not let them nest in their hair.

Secondly, let’s look at what David does, even after he gets to step Z.

Psalm 51.

He confesses.  Not one of those “go through the motions confessions”, he pours out his heart to God.

Pastor Idleman includes Psalm 51 in Chapter 6 and he admonishes us to read it, read it closely.

Then he implores us to pray it….because we all can relate to King David, can’t we?

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